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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Themes in life and in books by Paty Jager

Most writers pick a theme for the book or story they write, or they write a story and discover the theme. For me the the theme has always been justice or injustice- depending on the story. All of my stories have a comeuppance for the character who deserves it. But they can also tell of an injustice that was done.

Whether I'm writing a romance or a mystery the justice or triumph theme runs through my books. I believe this comes from the injustices that I have kept inside of me. I use my characters' strength to fight the injustice in their lives as my way of battling my own.

I'm sure there are many writers who use their books and stories as a kind of therapy to overcome the odds that they have been through.

I've heard from many readers who fight chronic pain. They say my books take them to another place that allows them to forget about the pain for several hours. That is all an author can hope for, to help a reader through a troubling time in their life and either lift them up, take them away from their pain, or help them feel they can tackle whatever it is they are dealing with in their life.

I've had several readers tell me they weren't really readers until they picked up one of my books and realized reading could be fun and take them to another place.

Books, in whatever form you read them, can transport the reader to another place and time and free up their minds from their everyday lives and allow them to soar.

With justice being a theme in my books you'll understand the plight of Lottie Mae and her growing interest in the big blacksmith. Here is my latest release in the Silver Dollar Saloon series.

Lottie Mae
She was shunned by society.
He must fit in to survive.
Will their love be enough to battle both their demons?

Book 2 Silver Dollar Saloon series

Lottie Mae Peck believes she isn’t worthy of anything more than being a saloon girl after a brutal attack. However, the school needs another teacher and her heart has taken a liking to a soft-spoken man.

Manfred Albrecht suffered a loss shortly after arriving in America. The voluptuous Lottie Mae catches his eye the first time he walks into the Silver Dollar Saloon. Her intelligence and good humor as she teaches him to read and write English, stirs feelings he thought he’d never have again.

But her happiness may be fleeting. The man who sent her life into a downward spiral years ago arrives in town, destroying her hard-fought battle to believe she deserves more.
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  1. This is one of the best posts I've seen in a while, Paty. It really rings true for me. Your new book looks good, too. Best wishes.

  2. Great blurb. I don't use a theme likr justice, but instead have heroes and heroines who overcome life difficulties to find happiness and love. Yes, I do like the villain to get his due at the end!

  3. Excellent post, Paty. My theme in each book is the same: "It's never too late to live happily ever after."


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