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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Scheduling Me Time- By Carolyn Hector

Forget that planner I was so hell bent on getting last month! I'm on to just a sticky note to schedule some ME time (stick around.. I'll explain it all in a moment).

So here it is, March! All that planning I did for the month of February went way out the window.
B-b-but at least I have a few excuses (as I always do).

3 of my boys are taking this on-line class for PE (go figure). Two have been in it since September/17 and one has been active in it since December (in between soccer). So for the 2 that have been in it the longest have had plenty of time to get this 2-part class done. They have designated times after school for 2.5 hours and they also have time at home. I trusted that they'd get finished with the utmost ease but the boys haven't done a lick of work and are now kicked out of an online class. How is this even possible/ So with the 3rd one still in the class I'm playing mother hen making sure this gets done because clearly I've failed (again) as guardian by assuming they would stay on task.

This is a freshman course and now my soon-to-be-senior will now take this class face to face and my soon-to-be-sophomore would rather take 2 years of AFJROTC to meet the requirement instead of one year of PE. Go figure.

So that's excuse 1.

Excuse son got the flu. We're talking down and freaking out because of these reports coming out with kids dying. I managed to keep him isolated in my room and also kept the other boys from catching it. Sooooo I may clap myself on the back for that. Oh yeah! Knock on wood.. I didn't get the flu.
So we were home for a week .... and do you think I got any writing done? Not a lick. (and yet I wonder where the boys get their procrastination from!)

I did--while procrastinating on the book--come up with some cool Black History tidbits on Instagram for Black Pageant Queens. ... you know there's more to the story besides the beautiful Vanessa Williams. 
Excuse 3...I signed up to be a judge for a contest and you all know me by now. I sit here and judge myself enough thinking... I bet these authors bought a planner and they plan and DO what they say they're going to do. 
I imagine everyone with a fabulous view of a cherry blossom lined lake ...with kids who listen to them and leave them alone while they're writing. I know! I know.. I went to RWA and learned everyone is pretty much just like me when it comes to trying to fit in writing time. But these books I've read are great and clearly done with uninterrupted time lol. I can write a paragraph and somewhere in the midst of it I am using one of the boys' names because they have knocked on my door for the umpteenth time.

Excuse 4 
I had to resubmit my proposal...the one I was all ready to start writing...only to have a wrench thrown in the story-line and had to go back and re-figure out what to do with my characters. They are litterally sitting my my head tapping their feet waiting for me to do something with them..........AND OF COURSE a random story idea that I swear is going to be the brilliant best seller is plotting itself in my head. 

And forget writing the bow-chica-wow-wow scenes. I feel like I'm going to have to schedule a special evening to get the job done. I'm going to buy myself a bottle of wine..wait until everyone goes to bed and then give myself 30 minutes per scene that I've been all pent up to write....but simply can't because it's just weird for me to write a sex scene when one of five boy knocks on my door every 10 minutes to asks something. And HEY! Spring Break is next week. I think I may get a lot done then. 

Alright time for another meeting 

Happy Reading!
Happy Writing


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  1. Hey, Carolyn, I have a doctorate in "best laid plans going astray!" *G*

    I've learned over the years that it's not how many times you don't follow through that matters. It's how many times you keep trying and DO follow through that ends up making a difference.

    Hang in there. Good luck with the rewritten proposal. You can do it!

  2. LOL...I raised two sons and I know how you feel. You have to stay on top of them ALL the time. Best of luck with your writing, and remember, take it a day at a time.

  3. I admire you for raising your nephews. Writing with kids around is hard. My girls were always very considerate, but there are still so many things that have to be done--a meeting here or there. Just keeping up with the laundry must be a big job. ☺ Good luck with the proposal!

  4. Carolyn, That is why I didn't get serious about being an author until the last two were in high school. I wasn't published until they were all out of the house and my husband went off to work. But you'll handle it with a sense of humor like that! Great post!


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