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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Fun, Friends, and Utter Chaos @JacquieRogers #writerslife #chaos

Fun, Friends, and Utter Chaos 
by Jacquie Rogers

Can you believe it's March already?  We don't even have all our Christmas stuff put away.  That will be rectified shortly, however, and you'll find out why after I tell you about my visit to the Round Table Readers group in Tacoma, Washington.

Speaker gift from Round Table Readers

My husband pried me out of bed at the crack of dawn on February 7 to speak at the Round Table Readers book club.  This was a major undertaking for him and he utilized prodigious amounts of coffee as well as a bit of brute force.  Well he yanked my covers off me.  I think that could be categorized as brute force, don't you?  We were in the car by 9am on our way to pick up my author friend, Judith Laik, and from there, we drove south to Tacoma.

Tacoma Traffic was confusing at best, and we were in somewhat of a muddle when we got to Round Table Pizza, and for the first time, it occurred to me that I had no idea what my contact looked like.  But I knew her name was Ursula so I asked around and, long story still too long, finally found her.  She said to get something to eat, which I did, but was last in line.

From left: Honey Beaulieu, Ursula Stomsvik, Jacquie Rogers, Sassy

And then, salad half-eaten, I got the signal to speak.  For whatever reason, I decided my prepared remarks didn't fit the bill so I just rambled off into the sunset.  The folks there were super nice, asked excellent questions, and it was obvious that I had landed in a hotbed of serious readers.  Especially since I completely sold out of books.

I'd like to thank Ursula for inviting me, all the Round Table Readers who made it so much fun, Elizabeth Flynn (my editor), and Mike Flynn (marketer).  The one who amazed me was Diane Garland (Your WorldKeeper) who flew in from Dubai, took a nap, and drove 40 miles to my event.  I'd buy her a latte but she's a tea drinker.

I encourage all my author friends to jump at the opportunity if you're invited to speak to this group!

Meantime, I've been writing, writing, writing.  Yes, Much Ado About Mail-Order Brides is coming right along.  I'm at the 2/3 mark.  I'm hoping the writing will go faster from here on out--it usually does.  Unless I get stuck, of course.  But I think I have everything worked out.  Sometimes writing gets complicated when you have over a dozen threads running in one story.  That's a lot to track!

If that's not enough, we finally heard from Sound Transit after close to ten years of being in limbo.  Yes, they're buying the house and will smoosh it for the train.  That means we'll be moving.  We don't know when or where to, but we're moving.  The appraisal will come in the next 60 days so you know what that means.

Wish us luck!

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  1. Your books sound intriguing and like a lot of fun, Jacquie. I don't envy you for moving. It's a alot of work and usually ends with giving (or throwing) away stuff we'd prefer to keep. Good luck and God bless.


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