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Monday, February 26, 2018

I'm Finally Done by Vonnie Davis

I finished a novella this evening--a paranormal based on the Zodiac. I prefer my shape shifters more comical than full of crime. But this one
took me in a different direction and, for a while, I wasn't sure I knew how to get out of the mess I'd written myself into.

Perhaps if I'd take the time to outline or plan a book, I wouldn't end up in such a mess. But, alas, I start with two names, a location, an opening situation, and go from there. Sometimes, it's a fun journey and at others it's like the time my luggage got lost on a seven-day cruise. I went to the Caribbean. My luggage went to Brazil.

I've had a logo designed for my shifter books, so readers can tell at a glance, they're one of mine.

So, what shall I write next? Book two of an erotic series? Book three of a romantic suspense series set in Paris? Or another bear shifters. I've got the burr set a little under me skin and I do enjoy writing it a wee bit. For more on my books, please go to


  1. I love the logo for your bear shifter books. You have such a great sense of humor it's no wonder your fans love your writing.

  2. Thanks, Caroline. Thanks, also, for fixing things so I could post blogs again. Sometimes Blogger treats me like a red-heaed stepchild...dyed, or not.

  3. Hurray! Congratulations. There's nothing like finishing a story, is there? Smart idea to brand your books with a logo.


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