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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Happy Planning Everything! By Carolyn Hector

Happy Almost Valentine's Day, y'all!

I recently did one of those FACEBOOK thins where it was like a magic 8-Ball that predicted my forecast for Valentine's Day. It said the person I love will forget it is Valentine's Day. And ya know what? It's probably true AND I'm not going to be mad or angry. We've been together lifetime... I know how he operates. He really doesn't need ONE day to prove. Althoughhhh... lol I wouldn't mind if  a plate of chicken wings arrived.
I'm over the flowers. I am not the one with the green thumb.

Don't get me wrong either. Just because I love and accept my DH ..doesn't mean I'm not trying to raise uber romantic-thoughtful young men.
Before the 4 nephews moved in, I was always active in making sure that my son does something for everyone in his class. He attended a small private school and we were able to still do something for the young ladies. Now he's in high school and he will probably roll his eyes if I suggest it.

My nephews on the other hand! Let's just say my oldest has learned that his Aunt Carolyn writes romances... so that means she knows how to create heroes women love. I once mentioned how women are not above objectifying men and pointed out the 1/2 naked men on romance covers. He started devoting himself to push-ups and crunches. lol

Speaking of funny cover.. Did I ever post a few of these?
 I am aware that my mentality can sometimes rival that of a 13-year-old teenager.

When you get a chance .. you have GOT to check out

Back to what I was saying..... I feel like with raising 5 boys... I owe it to the world to create young gentlemen. My latest thing the 3 oldest are going to do is volunteer for this event around town. Night to Shine sponsors a prom for kids with special needs. My oldest is going to be a buddy and the 15 and 14 year old are going to volunteer to help. And the cool thing is... they don't mind helping!

Image may contain: textImage may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

So this goes along with my planning.
I plan on my kids coming out to be good humans (sometimes they are on the alien side).

I plan on my books being best sellers (Still waiting on that one). The last weekend in January I was able to spend time with a group of fabulous authors. I still can't believe they let me in!
Related image

Anyway.... I had... as we all ,.. ENVY... this time it was Planner Envy. Do you use a planner?
Image result for happy planner

We're talking some serious organization! I wanted one. I got home and started filling my cart. I got to about $110 bucks in my car...because of course you need stickers and pens and extra stuff to help keep you organized. I am a copycat.. I will admit it! They are so cute.
So my daughter... and if y'all can remember.. she's the mature one.
But anyway... I have deadlines and goals. If I can reach my deadline at the given date... I can then treat myself
And get an original one along with stickers if I reach my other goals as well. I spent this weekend using binders, washi tape and all that to make my own generic binder.

Related image

I have days set aside for contracted work. My best story-ideas come when I'm in the middle of working on another project. And then my characters in the 1st book get all jealous of the ones I want to start writing. Or is that just me?

So... tell me you plan?

Wish me luck! I PLAN on reaching these goals!

Alright... gotta run and do PTO... it's on the schedule.

In the meantime... Happy Black History Month! Check me out on Instagram 


There's still time to order and read my latest tiara series....


  1. I believe in planning, but I don't go quite so fancy as you (or Hildie McQueen, who is the Queen of Planning). I have a planner in which I write everything connected to my writing/blogging schedule. If this book disappeared, I would be totally lost! I need to plan and set goals or it's too easy to procrastinate. I don't know how you get so much done. Bless you!

  2. Wow. You are one busy lady! Like Caroline, I have a planner. However, I'm not a fast writer, so I tip my hat to you. Best of luck with all your writing endeavors.

  3. I keep a fairly detailed planner with action items for each day, annual goals broken down by monthly to do's, and of course the appointments, deadlines, and events for each day. No color coding, stickers, or anything fancy.

    Good luck with your books and with raising those sons! Your posts always make me smile. Happy Valentine's Day!


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