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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Plans for the Future...

I never make resolutions for the new year. I'm afraid they would just end up depressing me because I would never accomplish them.

However, I have made a few plans. Number 1, I intend to get smarter about social media. I admit I'm uncomfortable sharing much of my personal life on the Internet. I just think it's not smart. I know people whose whole life is on their phone. I know people who have Alexa, which is one of the scariest thing to come down the pike lately. I will never have Alexa.

With Facebook on the brink of making some major new changes (which I don't yet understand), I'm going to learn more about using Facebook as a marketing tool. I have 3 Facebook pages. First, there's my profile page

There is my professional page, Anna Jeffrey Books: On this page, I mostly comment about books and writing. My Facebook store is also on this page, with links to Amazon to buy books and audio books. I haven't yet figured out how to add links for other retailers yet, but I'm working on it.

After that, there is my new Anna Jeffrey Readers Club: This is a closed group you're welcome to join. We are supposed to talk about books and movies and share opinions and thoughts. (no politics, no flame-outs and no promotions) It's supposed to be like we all get together for coffee and cake and we're supposed to have fun. .... I don't know about you, but I have a hard time finding people to discuss good books with.

I'm going to be more active on Twitter. If you'd like to follow me on Twitter, my I.D. is annajeffrey@annajeffrey. Twitter is where I'll be making announcements if Facebook becomes un-tolerable after they make their changes and their announcements.

There's my blog, on which I'm going to try to post more. I post all kinds of things on my blog (except politics), but including a few recipes from time to time. I also have a few guest authors promoting their new releases. If you would like to subscribe, a sign-up box is on the blog or it's at my web site,

I'm on Pinterest. There I have boards on my books as well as a few other things that interest me, such as great people, food, and art. I would love to have you follow me there.

I'm on LinkedIn and Instagram, but I'm not quite into using those two yet.

And in the middle of all of this, I'm going to try to find time to write. As soon as I finish THE HORSEMAN, I'm going to start on the revisions of MAN OF THE WEST, which is a sequel to LONE STAR WOMAN. Originally, this book was to be Book #1 of a trilogy.

It took forever to get the rights to MAN OF THE WEST back from the New York publisher, but I finally succeeded. I hope to get that done in the next few months and I will be releasing it as an Anna Jeffrey book.

So those are my plans. Not resolutions.😀


  1. I also make plans and mine are very similar to yours. Social media marketing is killing me. I wish I were more of a techie. Best wishes on your editing. I must say I enjoyed those books and would love to see a third.

  2. I already spend so much time trying to figure out social media I don't have time to write. It would be nice if it didn't change once a week. :-(

  3. Good luck with your "plans." I'm with you about social media. I don't post stuff about my family and other personal details. I don't mind sharing my thoughts about books, writing, movies, etc., but family and home are off limits. Too many unstable people out there.


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