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Friday, January 26, 2018

Home is a Place We Go When We Aren't at the Doctors by Vonnie Davis

I'm a prolific writer, so I don't have time to be sick. That's why I get a flu shot every year as soon as they're available. This year, the shot failed. Three weeks ago, in an instant, I was sick with the flu. I mean couldn't crawl out of the bed, cough up a lung, ache all over sick. I turn 70 in May and am a diabetic, so I had to take care of myself. I'm more like a tough duck than a spring chicken.

My husband's heart is pumping at 20% efficiency. He's been in and out of the hospital. He falls a lot and I struggle to pick him up. He's using a walker all the time now. The strain on his heart has damaged his kidneys. He sees two cardiologists--one for the chambers beating out of rhythm and another for the heart's lack of pumping power. He also sees a Urologist and a Kidney Specialist.

Last week, I was thrilled to learn I didn't need my monthly retina shot I'd been getting for two years. The bleeding had stopped. Unfortunately, bleeding had started in the other eye so I needed a shot in it. Some months, I'll need shots in both. Ohhhh joy!

But, you know, it could be worse.  We could be worse. No one's said life has to be fair.

Meanwhile I'm trying to finish a bear shifter romance--FINDING CAMEO.

Take care of yourselves. Avoid the flu. It's so easy to get and so hard to get over.


  1. Hope you're feeling better. Thoughts with you and Calvin.

  2. I'm so sorry, Vonnie. How wretched for you both. I got that flu shot but have heard alarming tales like yours. I hope and pray you and Calvin are much better soon. And I love your cover.

  3. Vonnie, those of us with health problems have to be especially careful. Hero and I had that flu and can't get rid of it. Take care and I hope you and Calvin get healthier. Bless both of you.

  4. So sorry you are both having health issues. You sound like an amazing lady with lots of fortitude and I hope things will be on the upswing soon, sending light and love.

  5. Vonnie, I'm sorry to hear of your continuing struggles. Prayers for your hubby and you. Hope 2018 finds you both better as the year moves along.


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