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Monday, October 2, 2017


With the tragedy in Las Vegas, my personal and phone woes seem trivial. Nevertheless, even small problems become annoying and distracting.

Our internet was down, along with that in several states it seems, for a long time. It's like having your car in the shop. Even if you don't need to drive anywhere, not being able to creates panic. At least the internet is working again.

Then my iPhone decided I was not who I am and kept looping to get a password. I spent two hours on the house phone to determine how to make my cell phone mine again. Thank goodness for the lady at Apple. Now the phone accepts me, but I have to put in a &^%$ code every time I want to use my phone. That's a small thing that's just plain annoying!

I believe we can deal with the big things--illness, accidents, moves--in our lives, but the little things (like a code before I use my phone) nag and niggle at us until we're stressed. So, I propose to think about all the good things happening around me.

Fall is here--at least this week

The weather is lovely here this week. Cool enough to be comfortable outside. In Texas, that's a big plus. Next week we may have summer again, but for now we're good.

My family, if not a hundred percent healthy, is upright and able to function quite well. When so many people we know aren't experiencing good health, this is another blessing.

No, this is not one of  Vonnie Davis' characters, this
represents me at my computer

We have many kind friends across the nation. Many are online friends with whom we feel great kinship. Others have become face-to-face friends for which I'm grateful. One never has too many friends. Of course, I'm grateful for my friends and for my family and pets.

Sebastian, our attack cat at work

Hero just announced that he's taking me out to dinner. Now there's a small thing that boosts my morale in a big way! He's one of the things for which I'm most grateful.

What are the things for which you're grateful?


  1. Car thermometer on our way to UTD this afternoon said it was 95. Campus neon sign says it is 92. We are not good.

  2. I'm grateful for our new water heater, although I can't say I'm grateful that the old one flooded our first floor.

    This is not a small thing--in fact, it's a very big thing--but I'm grateful for all the wonderful authors and readers I've met since I started this writing gig. What a lucky gal I am!

  3. The big tragedies hit us in the soul. The small troubles hit us in our aggravation zone. Yet, in time of tragedy, we are grateful that we only have small troubles. Excellent post, Caroline.

  4. Wonderful post. It "is" the little things that sometimes makes the steam fly out the kettle. We returned from a ten-day trip in Texas, and the thing that had me stressed most of the next day was the four loads of laundry. I just couldn't leave all those clothes piled up in the laundry room. On the last load, I finally realized what a idiot I am to get so disturbed. And my husband? No worries for him. He hadn't even unloaded all his suitcases!


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