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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Four White Roses - by Judy Ann Davis

Can a wily old ghost help two fractured 
hearts find love? 
     I'm excited and honored to discover that my newest novel, Four White Roses," was a finalist in the Book Excellence Awards. The Book Excellence Awards were founded by Literary Excellence Incorporated. Books that have received a Book Excellence Award have been recognized for their high quality design, writing, and overall market appeal.

I decided to just post an excerpt from the books along with a few details:
       Rich continued to peer at the vacant rocker, now rocking at a faster pace. “Grandmother? Gertie? Aren’t you supposed to be dead?”
“I am dead.”
 “Then aren’t you supposed to be somewhere else? Like in another dimension?  In heaven or riding a cloud somewhere?” He pointed upward. “Or am I drunk and I don’t know it?”
     “Phfftt, you’re hardly drunk. And I’m not going anywhere while I have unfinished business here on earth.”

“Didn’t anyone tell you to go toward the Light?” His voice rose an octave now.

“Of course.” The voice was getting as annoyed as he was. “But not when I know things you don’t. Not when I need you to finish a few unresolved issues for me.”
Rich moved a little closer to the moving rocking chair and blinked, still trying to process everything. “Can you do that?”
“Do what?”
“Just waltz around willy-nilly on earth after you die?”
The rocker slowed.
Rich dropped his head in his hands and mumbled, “Please, please, please. Let this be a dream…or the effects of good eighteen-year aged Irish whiskey. I’m losing my marbles.”
The voice interrupted, “Buck up, Richard Lee. You aren’t losing your marbles, although you may have a hole in your bag. You are my last hope. You need to find your half-sister, who needs your help, and you need to find those Austrian rubies I’ve searched for my entire life. If not for me, for your daughter, Estella. It’s my great-granddaughter’s heritage and inheritance.”
“Yes, but for the record, how can I tell you’re really the ghost of my grandmother? Tell me something most people don’t know about me.”
                “For goodness sake! What is this? Jeopardy? I see you still can be a pain in the backside with your endless quest for the truth. How about this? The kids used to tease you and call you Richie Rich. And every time you got yourself tied in a sanctimonious knot over it, I used to tell you they could have chosen worse names like Dumbo or Dimwit.”
               Rich’s eyes widened as he stared at the rocker. “It really is you. Grandmother Gertie. Why me?”
               “Because you’re the only direct surviving relative, Dimwit.”
               “But I really don’t know where to start.”
               There was a long whoosh of air, like a disgruntled sigh. “Just how did you pass the bar with such a dull, negative attitude? How about some creative thinking? How about your grandfather’s study for starters?”
               “Where in the study?” he asked, but he instantly he knew he wouldn’t get an answer. The rocking chair now stood motionless.
               “Holy moly, let this be the effects of alcohol or a bad dream,” he muttered before turning and trudging inside, locking the door, and heading straight to his room to sleep.  

A word about the author…
 Judy Ann Davis began her career in writing as a copy and continuity writer for radio and television in Scranton, PA. She holds a degree in Journalism and Communications and has written for industry and education throughout her career.

Over a dozen of her short stories have appeared in various literary and small magazines and anthologies, and have received numerous awards. She is published in multi-genres, including romance, mystery, western, and comedy. Four White Roses is her fourth novel to date.

When Judy Ann is not behind a computer, you can find her looking for anything humorous to make her laugh or swinging a golf club where the chuckles are few.

She is a member of Pennwriters, Inc. and Romance Writers of America, and divides her time between Central Pennsylvania and New Smyrna Beach, Florida.
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  1. Oh, a ghost in the story here close to Halloween! Perfect. I have this book and intend to read it the second I get to carve out reading time. I'm looking forward to the pleasure.

  2. Great excerpt. Looking forward to reading the book!


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