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Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Spanx and the Tiara

I am actually going to write this up ahead of time and schedule it to be released on the 6th….. why do you ask?  I’M GOING TO #RT2017 IN ATLANTA!!

But in typical Carolyn fashion…guess what else I decided to procrastinate on? 
That diet! I went running on Sunday … scratch that… I took my son and nephew out to the track so they can work on building speed and endurance. I caught my son ½ way around the track and decided to taunt him that I could beat him to the bleachers. It was like a cheetah chasing down its prey. (please click on that link and laugh at my pain lol) So I don't think I'm going to lose any weight. It's not like I'm getting on a water slide any time soon

Last month I talked about procrastinating. I was able to meet my deadline. And I was re-inspired to complete the current WIP when I saw this adorable kid (telling my age again... he had to be over 18) sitting outside of my office suite. I even went up to him and told him (after explaining I’m not crazy…just a writer) that he looked like he belonged in my main character's family for the book I’m writing. He offered to let me take a picture of him… but I didn’t want him to think I was crazy… plus I’d left my phone in my office. So to Darius… Thanks!

So by the time y’all read this blog, I will be making my way through the Hyatt Downtown Atlanta acting like a goober super fan. 

I'm going to see Brenda JacksonBeverly JenkinsKianna AlexanderLena HartRobin CovingtonCherry Adair, .... I am getting all teared up and bubbly inside just thinking about it. I just saw Sherrilyn Kenyon's name! 

At 6:00 whoever is there can catch me at the Fan-Tastic Day on the 6th on LL2 in the Grand Hall West Rooms 1-3.  I was asked what swag I’m bringing and course I have no idea what swag I should be… but let me at least say this… some folks are not going to have to worry about this sign… ‘cause I’m giving away a few tiaras! 

What am I going to wear? My tiara of course… but maybe other folks will wear theirs as well.. so here’s a pic of me.. and the shoes I may wear at any given time….


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And since this is Atlanta themed…. Tiara themed.. I thought I’d leave one of my favorite sisterly scenes on TV (yes.. I do understand I’m telling my age) Julia Sugarbaker explains it all...

My current WIP (no official title yet) Atlanta is (football)home to my hero muse. 

isn't he a cutie? His name is 
DJ Tialavea 

What's coming up? Don't forget you can pre-order The Beauty and the CEO

Talk to you guys later! 

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  1. That is a clever post, Carolyn. Thanks for the Designing Women video. That is one of my favorite scenes from that show. My top favorite is when Alice Ghostly's niece was trying to have her committed and the Sugarbaker's came to her defense, then for revenge, she phoned her niece "The killer bees are coming to get you". My daughter and I still use that phrase. Have a great time at RT. Wish I were there too!


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