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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Writing While in Slug Mode and My Time Travel Romance Series

Sleepy kitty

Winter is both a good and challenging time to write. Hibernation calls and chocolate becomes a food group, hot beverages a necessity. My favorite is hot Earl Grey tea, also peppermint. I am not averse to coffee. Caffeine battles the tug to curl up with my drowsy kitties and nap. Occasionally, I succumb, plus we've had another round of plague in the family that set me back. Again.
Despite it all, I'm pleased to say I recently submitted the next in my paranormal time travel romance series to my Wild Rose Press editor and she loves it. This first story, Somewhere My Lady, is a New Adult time travel mystery romance similar to Somewhere My Love but different. The novel kicks off my new series within a series, 'Somewhere in Time--The Lady series.' The common theme in all my 'Somewhere' stories is that they open in an old home, so far in Virginia, and then flash back to an earlier era (or eras) in the same house or somewhere else entirely like the Scottish Highlands.When my editor asked how many titles I foresee in this latest venture, I said, 'At least three.' I have no idea how or when the ideas will come to me, but they invariably do. She needs a clue for contract wording, though.

Who knows? I might write six.

Old English Manor with red roses

In Somewhere My Lady, the couple are whisked back and forth between present-day in the elegant colonial home on the James River and its rich past during the American Revolution. The story has mystery, history, ghosts, humor, angst, a lot of paranormal activity, and above all Romance. I'm psyched and look forward to sharing more about it soon. 

(The above image is actually a pic of a British manor house, but the best of the James River plantations homes bear a resemblance to one, so close enough.)
old Victorian home

I'm at work on the next story in my 'Lady' series, which is totally different from the first one except that it fits the overarching theme in my Somewhere' series--like spokes on a wheel. 

This second story takes place in a castle-styled Victorian home in historic Staunton, Virginia, and flashes back to various eras within the lifespan of the house. Another winner, I think. At least, I'm engrossed in the writing. Each of the 'Lady' stories has a strong female lead and hero, and a great supporting cast of characters. I hope you will enjoy them when they take flight later this year.
Door, Old, Fantasy, Halloween, Gothic Style, Mystery, Spooky, Wood, Medieval, Doorway (2)Doors are important in these stories and the question posed is, 'Will you go through that door?'
What awaits you on the other side?
If you haven't read my Somewhere in Time Series, the stories are all available in kindle at Amazon. Somewhere My Love stands alone, but Somewhere in the Highlands is the sequel to Somewhere My Lass, so those two are connected. Somewhere the Bells Ring is an anytime read with a Christmas theme. Amazon link below:


  1. Your "Somewhere" series sounds delightful! Congratulations on submitting your latest book.
    I've recently been hit with the "plague" too! I hope you and your family have bounced back by now.

  2. Thanks Sandra. There seem to be new variations of the plague to keep us down this year. I'm looking forward to spring.

  3. We've had the plague at our home, too. I thought we were recovering but last night Hero said he has it again. I hope we all get well soon!

  4. Oh my. It just keeps making the rounds here too.

  5. Remember the old movie Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve? My m-i-l loved that movie. Your post brought a lump to my throat.


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