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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Good Books....

These days, I find it very hard to find a good book to read. So many books are being published now,  so many authors are coming on line and there's no end in sight. The last time I checked, the number of books published at Amazon in the romance genre alone was close to half a million.

With so many choices in the field, it's hard to pick just one. Overwhelmed, I've fallen back on what I know. I'm listening to "Gone with the Wind" on audio and I just finished re-reading a book that I read years ago.

Who hasn't read "Gone with the Wind?" Margaret Mitchell's epic story is right up there with the Bible in terms of numbers of books sold. But it isn't a traditional romance. It's so much more.

I just finished "Heart of the West" by Penelope Williamson. Great story beautifully written.  An historical western, this book is both an uplifting and gut-wrenching saga right up there with "Lonesome Dove." It's a romance, but like "Gone with the Wind," it's so much more.

In addition, with the 2nd Fifty Shades movie coming out next month, I've been selectively reading that trilogy. This is the third time I've read it or read in it. I know the writing community has made fun of and been highly critical of E. J. James' writing (I've called it "clunky" myself), but there's something about that story that draws a reader in (and it's not the kinky sex). I'm enjoying the witty banter between the two main characters and the good characterization.

How about you? Do you have books in your reading experience that you go back to and re-read and enjoy just as much the 2nd or 3rd time around? 


  1. Mary Balogh's A Christmas Promise, anything Kristan Higgins writes, Nora Roberts' Born-In trilogy, GWTW, and the movies of Jane Austen's P & P, S & S, and Emma. To begin with... :-)

  2. I often re-read books. Seems like I pick up on more subtle details the second time around, rather than being swept up in the story. I agree that it's often hard to find a good book to read. My main complaint is the lack of editing. Errors throw me out of the story, and my left brain takes over where my right brain had been zipping merrily along. I hate when that happens!


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