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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


 by Judy Ann Davis

This year I’ve decided to compile seven things that I’m thankful for as a writer. As you go through the list, see how many might relate to you as well.

  1. Good health and modern medicine. We all know that a healthy lifestyle allows us, as writers, to do the things we do. Modern medicine speaks for itself with the innovations in eye care, surgeries, and latest developments in life-saving drugs.
  1. Having the ability to read and learn. How cool is it to be able to read a book and enter another world from the comfort of your home? Or learn something new from an online internet site?
  1. Opportunity to get a good education. Without a solid education in both high school and university level, I doubt I would have the skills to write all types of nonfiction and to create fiction in various genres.
  1. Technology. With the use of cellphones, computers, software packages, and internet connectivity, we can now bring the news and happenings around the world to our front porch.
  1. The freedom of speech and expression. We are a nation like no other on earth which protects the written and spoken word—even when it isn’t what we want to hear or read.
  1. Family, friends and fellow writers. These awesome folks understand and encourage us to continue to create and write, even when we get stressed or discouraged.
  1. Time alone. Everyone knows writers need to sneak away and pound the keyboard or scratch on legal tablets, allowing the thoughts inside their heads to pour out onto paper or the computer screen. We’re not being anti-social in those moments, we’re being creative. We’re being writers.
In your job or occupation, what are you thankful this Thanksgiving? Stop a moment to comment and tell me one thing you’re grateful for.  And here’s wishing you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

EXCERPT FROM:  Sweet Kiss  

Tappe picked up the grimy jar of candy hearts. "No way! I can't believe Fay saved this." He twisted off the lid and shook one into his hand.
"Neither can I. Don't you dare put that into your mouth. Those candies are over a decade old!"
"So? Sugar doesn't spoil."
"Okay, go ahead. Eat it. Poison yourself. Why should I care?" Kate said dryly. "Just don't call me in the middle of the night."
She turned back to the stove, removed the pot, and started filling the jelly jars.
"You don't mean that." He dropped the candy back into the jar and started nuzzling her on the side of her neck.
"Do you realize I'm working with hot liquids?" She tried to be stern as she squirmed away still holding the scalding pot.
But he was on a roll. "Not as hot as you are. Want to make out?"
Kate looked at him askance. "Now? Are you sane?"
"Yes, I'm fairly lucid. But if your answer is a no to making out, then can I lick the pot instead?"
"If you promise to quit licking my neck."

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all! May you have a wonderful day with family and friends.

  2. Great list of things we should all be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.


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