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Friday, November 4, 2016

Historical Romance Lovers #FallBackInTime @JacquieRogers

Fall Back in Time!
by Jacquie Rogers

Do you love historical romance?  I do!  And this is the weekend to show it.  While we're turning back our clocks, we're also sharing our appreciation for the readers and authors of historical romance novels.  

Who: Booklovers
What: Post photos with #FallBackInTime in the text
When: November 5, 2016
Where: ALL social media--Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn... anywhere you can think of!
Why: If we all post and share, our hashtag could trend, and that's good news for historical romance!

You do know how to take a selfie, right?  If not, find a 14 year-old to tutor you.  Or take another type of picture.  I'll show you a few fun ideas.

This is Moriah McCormick posing with Hot Work in Fry Pan Gulch.
She has text on her photo, but you certainly don't have to include it.
Moriah could tweet it this way:
I'm reading Hot Work in Fry Pan Gulch by Jacquie Rogers #FallBackInTime
Or, on Facebook, she could even post a few comments about the book.

Don't want to take a selfie?  No problem.  Diane Garland took a picture of Seamus reading Much Ado About Madams (Hearts of Owyhee #1).

Seamus admires the cover of Much Ado About Madams.
A sample Instagram comment might be:
Seamus loves historical romance! #FallBackInTime #catsoninstagram #historicalromance #HeartsOfOwyhee #JacquieRogers
Or the same thing could be used on Twitter except change #catsoninstagram to #cats.

Of course, on Facebook you can be as wordy as you wish.  I think the limit is 5,000 characters, which is a lot considering Twitter limits you to 140.  But the main thing is to post the picture and use #FallBackInTime in the text.  This way, others can search on the hashtag and share your post.

Honey Beaulieu reads as she works out at the gym.
Or, you could take your book wherever you go and take a photo.  Could be the gym, could be the grocery store, or maybe even the library or bookstore.  Or the kitchen.

Honey's reading her book at the library.
To learn more about this event, or to ask questions, you can join the Facebook event named (you guessed it) Fall Back In Time.

Keep up with Jacquie Rogers' latest news at the
Pickle Barrel Gazette!

Honey Beaulieu - Man Hunter series

Hearts of Owyhee series


  1. #lovejacquierogers
    Just a warning if you have never read a Jacquie Rogers book be careful you don't spew all over your Kindle....

    1. Ha! You must be the hashtag queen! I can never think of cool things to put.

  2. Thx for the reminder about DST! The #FallBackInTime is a bonus.

    1. I didn't do very well. Posted on Saturday but slept in on Sunday. LOL.


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