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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fun Days in Idaho #NFwalk #NewRelease #SilverCityIdaho #Beatles

Fun Days in Idaho!
by Jacquie Rogers

I have a very, very busy October.  Why?  Because I goofed off most of September.  Well, not exactly, but I sure didn't get any writing done.  It started with a writing retreat with Judith Laik.  We went to Chelan, Washington, where we brainstormed a few books.  Speaking of Chelan, Honey went along and she had quite a good time.  Of course you know that adult beverages and brainstorming go hand in hand.

We won't mention that I locked myself out of the condo.  I had on ugly pajamas and no wine.  Or even coffee.  No phone, either, but I had my Kindle, so at least I could read and text Diane Garland about my woes.

I was back a day and Honey wanted her hair and nails done, so off to the salon we went.  I've been going to Marty DeGrazia since forever (1988) and this time Honey wanted to go first.  Then Mai was a bit hesitant about the manicure, but Honey convinced her it was a good idea.

So off we go to Idaho.  First off--the NF Walk.  This is a fundraiser for the Children's Tumor Foundation for the purpose of finding a cure for neurofibromatosis, which is a physically and emotionally debilitating disorder.  We had a great time.  

Peggy Conover won my author basket.  Mercedes Christesen (my daughter) received an award for outstanding service, and the bunch of us as we were ready to go, dressed as our favorite book characters.  
Next stop, Silver City!  Y'all know I love Silver City and the second weekend in September is very special because it's the only time the public can see inside the buildings.  All the buildings there are privately owned and also privately funded by people who truly love history and walk the talk.  If you visit, don't forget to leave a few dollars in the jar for nail and paint.

Looks like Honey hitched a ride with Paul Nettleton.  If you want to go on a trailride, call him!

And from there, we went to see the Beatles!  Okay, not the REAL Beatles, but let me tell you, this retro band, RoofTop Revolution, is awesome!  And of course I'm prejudiced because one of the lead singers also performed at my Silver City shindig in June
Dave, Jim, Honey, Matt, and Frank
When we got home (exhausted), guess what?  Honey's second book came out!

Want to win a digital copy?  Just comment below.  Tell me about the concerts you've been to, or if you have a favorite retro band.  I'll pick a winner Saturday, October 8.  Party on!

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  1. Sure wish I could have been there. I know you had a ton of fun.

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun--and a new release too? WTG, Jacquie.

  3. Looks like a rollicking time. Good luck with your new release.


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