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Saturday, October 8, 2016


Laurel: Bride of Arkansas (American Mail-Order Brides Series Book 25)

Written by Carra Copelin

Reviewed by Mary Adair

Sweet Romance  5 Stars

I must say, I have developed a liking for stories about mail order brides. Laurel: Bride of Arkansas is one of my favorites. Laurel lives in a time when the women’s rights movement was in its infancy. Laurel’s aunt Lottie was Laurel’s introduction into that movement and seeing the kindred spirit in her niece, Lottie welcomed her into her home where Laurel’s spirit of self reliance flourished.

When her aunt, Lottie, was killed in a tornado, Laurel knew she could not return home to an over bearing and controlling father. She would not waiver in her determination to choose for herself the path her life would take. So, when she was faced with going home or remaining to take a job in the mill, she choose independence. Laurel was happy with her decision and the bonds of friendship she forged, but fate once again intervened when the mill burned to the ground. Laurel was lucky to escape with her life, but would forever be burdened by the sight and sounds and the fear she felt when she thought she would not escape the flames.

Once again she was faced with a decision. Would she return home or take her future into her own hands by answering and add in the Grooms’ Gazette?

Laurel: Bride of Arkansas is a sweet romance that will leave you smiling and feeling good all over. I love the way Ms Copelin developed Laurel and Griffin’s characters and how believably and humorously they played off each other. This type of character development can be the difference between just likeable characters and beloved characters. If you are busy, but love to read short books with a lot of story, Laurel: Bride of Arkansas is the perfect book for you. You won’t be disappointed.

Mary Adair is the author of the Amazon bestselling Native American Passion series. 


  1. Great review. Makes me want to read this book today! Congrats to Carra on what sounds like an amazing book.

  2. Great post. "Bride of Arkansas" sounds like a good read. Best of luck with sales and promotion.


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