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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Finding a Leisure Activity

by Judy Ann Davis

Many writers are often shy or introverted people by nature. They feel right at home behind a computer, insulated and isolated from the daily hustle and the bustle that others, with a more social life, enjoy. But writers, just like others who work at solitary occupations, need leisure activities to steal them away from the computer screen, keyboard, and the multitude of ideas and stories tumbling and spinning inside their heads.

Leisure activities allow a person to examine personal values, focus on what’s important, and gain a healthy balance needed to deal with work. It’s a way to gain relief from stress and boredom while promoting emotional and physical health. Enhanced communication skills, self-esteem, and a feeling of control are some of the many benefits as well. Leisure activities allow us the opportunity to meet new people, learn new things, and restock the mental writing cabinets in our brains with food for thought.

Never in a million years would I have thought I’d become a golfer. I took up the game several years ago when I realized I needed a leisure activity. I wanted one where I could be outdoors and interact with my husband. What I found was double pleasure. Not only was I getting exercise, but also I was experiencing the most beautiful, peaceful places on earth, full of nature, bodies of water, and glorious landscapes. And no, I don’t play for score. I don’t even keep score. I play for sheer fun and a change of pace from writing.

But you don’t have to choose golf as your activity. There are literally thousands of leisure activities to enjoy. Practice a different craft, learn to play a musical instrument, join a community choir or weekly pinochle or bridge game, try your hand at painting, sewing or woodworking. Select a hobby you personally think might be relaxing. Find an activity you can do with your children or spouse or friend. But most of all, make it pleasurable—so you can take a break and rejuvenate.

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Hard-working Kate Clark opens a thriving coffee shop that quickly becomes the local hang-out for students and the community. Her one wish is to eventually buy out her sister’s share of the old Florida home they inherited. However, Violet is in desperate need of cash and has other plans.

Tappe Vanderberg, Kate’s childhood friend and high school sweetheart, has sold his lucrative internet security business to return to Little Heron Shores and fulfill his dreams of owning a marina. Now the handsome Dutch-born businessman is making waves with single women all over town—including loony, post mistress Eva May Poole who’s in search of husband number three.

But it’s Kate Clark who’s wreaking havoc with Tappe’s heart, not Eva May. Can he find a way to shake the dingbat post mistress and convince Kate to give him a second chance and the sweet kiss he remembers from an earlier time?


  1. Great advice, Judy! I go on walks and hikes with a group as my escape from my writing desk. It's amazing how rejuvenating my time outdoors can be.

    1. I think if more people went outdoors to hike, walk, golf or do whatever they please, we'd have more emotionally healthy people. There is something about nature that makes you feel good.

  2. I agree, Judy. We have to get out from behind the computer. I actually start my days with a 2 mile walk. It not only gets my brain ready for writing, but it soothes my soul seeing all the wildlife and taking in the sunshine or rain or snow whatever the weather throws at me. Your book sounds fun.

  3. I like to walk every day and also to garden. I'm getting back into sewing if only to alter the length of the tee shirts I bought last year on a cruise. (Why don't they offer Petite size tee shirts?!!)


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