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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Rock You Like a Hurricane

Of course y'all know I how ready I was for the kids to go back to school.

Everything went off with a bang. One kid is doing country this year, 3 made the football team, and one is on SGA and going to attend Teen Court. We were on a roll..and then here comes the hurricane.

So some of you may have heard about Hurricane Hermine…. She came, she saw… she scattered a bunch of trees. Unfortunately.. a lot of those tress fell on power lines and cut off our electricity for two days (we we were told it might take up to 2 weeks).

While I am blessed to have everyone safe....DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT DOES TO AN AUTHOR?!?!?!  I am in the middle of edits before sending this manuscript off to my editor. Fortunately, I printed out book and went old school… I broke out the red pen and went to town on the pages.       

We’re off work until Wednesday. This gives me lots of time to prepare at least I hope. The Galaxy will be home as well---wish me luck.

All of this hurricane weather has made me think of a book to write.. why? Because I truly am that odd person who will spin any crisis situation. Seeing the linemen coming down the highway to fix the power lines just made my heart swell.
photo from Gulf Power Company
These men and women worked non-stop getting power restored. This meant leaving their loved ones to do so. I had tons of questions. What will be waiting for the hero when he comes home? A lot of people in town were bringing these guys food and water. What if there was a love match between the person giving the water bottle to a worker?  What about the people who had to leave their homes to stay in a shelter? Did a couple re-meet at one of these facilities?

Speaking of stories that have been written.... a note from Harlequin
 Once again, we’re letting readers pick the Harlequin Hero of the Year! Submit your nominations for the sweetest, sexiest, most swoon-worthy hero of 2016. You have three weeks to enter your favorite hero. Then come back in October as the top 16 face off for your votes until the winner is crowned Hero of the Year! Ready? Here’s how it works:

Did you know that I have three possible heroes?

Stephen Reyes  from The Bachelor and the Beauty Queen  

Nate Reyes from His Southern Sweetheart

So after finishing these edits... and my next proposal... I'm going to take another look at my WIP list at my blue collar workers. Woo hoo! I love it when a plan is set in motion.

Happy Reading. Happy Writing. And stay safe y'all!



  1. Gosh that's like the good news and the bad news of back to school. Of course, since I live on the Texas Gulf Coast, I'm familiar with that situation! Glad everyone is safe.

  2. Hurricanes are the number one thing I don't miss about living in Florida! I'm glad your family came through safely with minimal downtime without electricity. I like your ideas for future hurricane-related stories!

  3. I hope one of your heroes wins, Carolyn! I'll submit one for you. Good luck. So glad your family is safe.


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