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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Passing…One Way or Another

Passing…One Way or Another

I recently read a wonderful book by Beverly Jenkins. Forbidden is the tale of Rhine Fontaine who was born a slave but began passing as a white man in the west. The story was great one of those page turners (or finger swipers for those with e-books). As a White man, he was able to do a lot of good for the people in the town, especially for those who were of Color. He falls with a woman who is Black and has to make a choice.  

After devouring the book I began to wonder how folks pass in their own worlds… not necessarily as far as color. I went to a writing retreat last weekend. I was amongst page-turning authors. As the ladies went around the room and introduced themselves, I swear I got all teary eyed. All I wanted to do was grab everyone and ask them about their books, when is the next one coming out and how did they come up with such a great idea. 

Arriving a day late, I became that shy new kid in a crowded classroom. Some of the authors came down with their other friend-authors. Bonds were already formed.
My turn came closer and I had no idea what to say. I started to doubt myself. Was I the only reader invited? I only have two books published (well.. one is on the way). Was I passing myself off as an author? But I found my voice, introduced myself and mentioned my two books under my belt and two more coming out this year. And as I got my welcoming applause, my shoulders straightened. My chest swelled with pride and I realized… I AM an author!

Girls’ Weekend Retreat Passing as a Writing Retreat…..
so this wasn’t my first writer’s retreat… just my first with so many famous writers. My writing friends are fabulous as well. One wonderful woman opens up her family’s lake house twice a year for a weekend of what passes as a writing retreat. We do get a lot of writing done… but we also have a lot of fun.
Have you ever been to a writing retreat? If not, here’s a list of things you must have in order to get a lot of writing done.

1.       Your laptop
2.       Wine
3.       Extension cords
4.       Ear buds (if you like to listen to music)
5.       Wine
6.       Pizza
7.       Chips (or your favorite munchy foods)
8.       Cork screw
9.       Comfy clothes
10.   Wine
11.   Camera.
12.   Notebooks
13.   Wine
14.   pens/pencils
15.   Backup laptop if yours is on the fritz.
16.   Best Gal Pals!

#16 is most important. Variety is great but you want to spend a judgment free weekend with your girls.

Time for me to name drop of my circle of friends...

Happy writing, y’all. ... and remember.. it's okay to be different! Write on! Write on! 

PS Happy Black History Month 

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  1. Enjoyed your thoughts on the novel by Beverly Jenkins. Sounds like a book to add to my TBR stack. After the initial awkwardness, a writer's retreat is always fun.


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