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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


As long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by books. Fortunately, my dad was a proponent of reading. He backed me each Saturday morning when I’d say, “Just one more chapter,” to my mom, who wanted me to clean my room and help with other housework. Of course, you know what happens with “just one more chapter”, right? I’d finish the book, then clean like crazy to make up for the delay.

I still love reading and indulge myself when I’m not writing. In the last few decades, there’s a competitor to the written work—audio books. My first experience with one was really a cassette my husband received for his birthday from a friend. That was a Louis L’Amour novel. We listened to it on a trip.

Since then, audio books have taken off. I was delighted when one of my first books was turned into an audio version—until I realized the publisher got the money and not me. Rats! On the advice of a very savvy author, I delved into the audio market with two of my books.

BRAZOS BRIDE, book one of Men of Stone Mountain TX, was my first experiment. This book has been a big seller for me and now is perma-free on Amazon and is also in Kindle Unlimited. Amazon offered me a great deal to try audio whereby they would supplement the narrator’s fee. I’d been itching to try audio, so that was the incentive I needed. Woo Hoo! I was on my way. Hero and I searched for a narrator who would accept Amazon’s terms and we auditioned those who were willing. We chose a woman with a wonderful voice and we split the royalties: a quarter for her, a quarter for me, and a half for Amazon. Hmmm, what’s wrong with this picture?

The same savvy author advised me that I’d be better off hiring the narrator. So, for HIGH STAKES BRIDE, book two of Men of Stone Mountain TX, we paid the narrator a flat fee per hour and then we only split with Amazon. Yes, the mighty Amazon always gets their cut. We used a different narrator because the first woman was booked for months and we didn’t want to wait. When we get the bit between our teeth, we are impatient.

So, how about you? Do you listen to audio books? Do you prefer holding a book or e-reader in your hand? One of my friends downloads audio books onto her iPhone and listens while she does embroidery or sewing. Another listens while she commutes.

If you enjoy or want to try an audio book, I have promo codes to give away that will allow you to get one of these two audio books for FREE (or both if you wish). Just send me an email at caroline @ (without the spaces) with AUDIO BOOK in the subject and I’ll send you a promo code or codes. Invite your friends to do the same.

My next book will be released on February 9th. This is another “secret” project so I can’t tell you what it is or the person in charge would kill me. This is a kind of project with which I’ve not been involved before so I’m eager to see the results. I can tell you the title is AMANDA’S RANCHER and I’m excited about the release.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I've listened to several audio books and enjoyed them. Books in any way, shape, or form appeal to me! Best of luck with your audio releases. One of these days I might try producing one myself.

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  3. I have the first book of my Halsey series in audio. Because of my sales I was given a stipend to help get a better quality narrator. She did a good job, but I've sold so few books I can't get another narrator to bite on the 50/50 thing. And I really need to get the rest of the covers updated before I do more audio and need a cover for that.

    I hope you sell lots of audio books!

  4. I love audiobooks, both as an author and as a listener! I have all of mine produced. I started out with a 50/50 split on my first book, then received stipends on several others, but it's best to pay outright. Audible gets 60% of the cut, which really isn't fair, since we foot all the expenses of paying for production, but it is what it is. Doing royalty split with a narrator gets us 20%, narrator 20%, and Audible (aka Amazon) gets the rest. Still, it's worth it, in my opinion. I've more than earned back my expenses, and audiobooks are yet another way to reach more readers.

  5. Caroline, so glad you're in audio now. I've been an audiobook fan for more years than I can count. I was thrilled to have my books turned into audio. (Had most done when it was a 50/50 split.)

    We listen to an audiobook every weekend as we drive to our place in the country. Currently, we're listening to A Darkness More Than Night by Michael Connelly. It's a Bosch book (#7) as a vehicle to introduce another character who will carry a series. Interesting how he pulls that off.

    Congratulations again and good luck with your audiobooks.


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