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Friday, October 16, 2015


By Caroline Clemmons

After being out of town for a while, Joan Reeves is playing catch up on a myriad of projects and asked me to fill in for her today. I want to remind you about a box set from nine of my favorite authors and myself that was released yesterday, COURTING THE WEST, priced for a limited time at only 99 cents!.

Among these ten authors are NY Times, USA Today, and bestselling authors Debra Holland, Kirsten Osbourne, Lily Graison, Cynthia Woolf, Jacquie Rogers, Sylvia McDaniel, Paty Jager, Merry Farmer, Keta Diablo, and myself. Sylvia Moncrief designed the cover. These 10 novels are not new, but we banded together to present them to you in the hope you'd find new favorite authors (us!)

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Included in the box set are:


In 1894, Lily Maxwell travels to Sweetwater Springs, Montana with precious cocker spaniel. Lily is painting the wildflowers of the area for a project that could launch her artistic career. For years, she has denied herself happiness because of her equestrian accident that left her with a damaged hip, a limp, and a sense of unworthiness. Her inability to bear children has kept her from giving her heart to anyone.

Rancher Tyler Dunn's wife abandoned him and their son, and he wants nothing to do with women. This new woman in town with her lovely violet eyes and wonderful talent stirs feelings in Tyler. After Tyler rescues Lily's dog from being swept away by the river, Lily develops a friendship with him, the people on his ranch, and his young son, Oliver. Yet the two of them dare not give in to their feeling for each other.

Can these lonely souls find their hearts' desires under the majestic Montana sky?

DAISY, Suitors of Seattle Series by Kirsten Osbourne

Raised with advantage and privilege, Daisy must now find a husband. Because of her overwhelming shyness, she chooses to let her aunt, Harriett Farmer, find her a husband.

Aunt Harriett's suggestions are not what she expected. Setting her up to be a mail-order bride, she sends her to Montana to meet Eli King. What she finds is a life vastly different than what she's used to. Can she possibly find love and contentment or is she doomed to a life of regret?

HIS BROTHER'S WIFE by Lily Graison

When Grace Kingston accepts a wedding proposal through a mail-order bride agency and travels across the country to be married, she has no idea her bridegroom is a fourteen-year-old boy. There's no way she can accept his offer but with depleted funds and winter coming on, Grace has little choice but to stay.Things go from bad to worse when she meets Jesse's older brother, Rafe. The attraction is immediate. He's surly, rude, and downright pig-headed but he makes her pulse race with a single glance.

Rafe Samuels thought to teach his brother a lesson by making him take responsibility for his rash behavior but one look at Grace and his plans go up in smoke. She isn't the dowdy spinster he imagined and having her live in his house and not be able to have her is the worst kind of torment. But putting her out of his mind is impossible.

As fall turns to winter, Grace finds that living with the two brothers isn't as simple a thing as she once thought. Jesse still thinks marriage is in the cards, and Rafe is a devilishly handsome distraction she doesn't need. She can't decide if he hates her or wants to kiss her. And how does she avoid breaking Jesse's heart when it becomes clear that the attraction between her and Rafe is mutual?

TAME A WILD HEART by Cynthia Woolf

Catherine Evans fell in love when she was three years old, head-over-heels, forever kind of love. The very first moment she saw twelve-year-old Duncan McKenzie, she told God and her pony that she was going to marry that boy. He was handsome. He was kind. He was strong and smart and all the good things a boy should be. For thirteen years she loved him with every beat of her heart. And on her sixteenth birthday he walked away from her father's ranch and from her. He didn't look back over his shoulder. Not even once. And from that day forward, Catherine swore off all men. Her heart turned to stone, her will to iron, and her vow to God changed. She'd run her father's ranch. She'd succeed. She'd survive. And she would never, ever love another man as long as she lived.

Duncan McKenzie left the ranch ten years ago, desperate to escape temptation in the form of a budding young lady too innocent to claim for his own. But Catherine's frightened father summons him home. The ranch is under attack and the old man's stubborn daughter refuses to seek help. Duncan left a sweet young girl behind a decade ago. He returns to a defiant siren, a woman whose heart is as wild as the land she would sacrifice her life to protect. When Catherine's father coerces her into marrying Duncan, the fire in her eyes spells trouble, but it's the good kind of trouble Duncan has no desire to resist. Marriage is the only way he can protect her. Especially when Duncan's own past comes calling in the form of one dangerous and vengeful outlaw. Catherine's cowardly enemies want the ranch badly enough to kill for it, and his reluctant bride is very much in their way.

SLEIGHT OF HEART by Jacquie Rogers

A Straight-Laced Spinster...
Lexi Campbell, more comfortable with neat and tidy numbers than messy emotions, is determined to find the sharper who ruined her little sister and make him marry her. When his lookalike brother Burke appears, she greets him with a rifle and forces him to help her. Can she resist his magic charm?

A Gambler With Magic Hands...
To claim the family fortune, smooth-dealing Burke O'Shaughnessy has to find his brother Patrick, despite being saddled with an angry spinster. But when Lexie shows and astounding talent for counting cards and calculating odds, he figures she might be useful after all. Can he draw the queen of hearts?

A HERO'S HEART by Sylvia McDaniel

Wade Ketchum is searching for his only surviving sibling when he finds a ready-made family.

Rachel Cooke is stranded on the Oregon trail with three orphans and a rebellious sister, until gambler Wade Ketchum rescues them. The hardened cowboy is searching to find his long lost brother, is out of cash, and has no time for a praying spinster. When Rachel runs out of options, she makes a deal. Wade must pretend to be her husband and help her reach Oregon. But somewhere along the trail, pretending becomes real. Can she help Wade realize that he still has a heart capable of love?

LAYING CLAIM, Halsey Homecoming Series, by Paty Jager

Jeremy Duncan commits to haul one last load of supplies across the great interior of the Yukon before heading home. But, he has to trade his pack animals for sled dogs and leave Skageay in the middle of a blizzard due to one strong-willed, business-minded beauty.

Determined to find her older brother, Clara Bixbee doesn't care how she gets across the pass, as long as she does, and soon. Hiring handsome pack guide Jeremy Duncan seems to be her best choice. Especially after she saves a young girl from being beaten by the local gang leader and needs to escape Skagway fast.

SARAH SUNSHINE by Merry Farmer

She was done with her shameful past...
But Sarah Wither's past isn't done with her. Though she longs for Roy LaCroix--body, heart, and soul--old wounds and fresh battles threaten to end her second chance at an honest life before it begins.

His future is only a heartbeat away...
But how can Roy LaCroix stay true to the woman he's waited for so long when he and Sarah are embroiled in a twenty-year-old feud that threatens to keep the star-crossed lovers apart? Roy must choose: be a man of substance or stay true to his heart.

Only love can stop history repeating itself before it's too late.

CHASING THE DEAD, Bannister Brothers Series, by Keta Diablo

The Apache kidnapped me to dispel and evil ghost from their village. If I tell them I don't possess the same skills my madre did, they'll cut my throat and feed me to the dogs. Celesta was the best spirit chaser in all of New Mexico before she died.

The most I can hope for is that Emmett, my fiancé, will rescue me. Is he capable of such a thing? Poppy must not have thought so because he sent Deacon Bannister to save me. Deacon...the man who walked away days before our wedding a year ago. The man who still melts my bones with one look.

We're running for our lives from Uday, the vaporous ghoul tracking us. He lusts after Sacheen, the beautiful maiden banished from the Apache village who travels with us. The warrior killed her father when Sacheen refused to marry him, and then Sacheen's brother killed Uday.

The ghost's powers grow stronger every minute on our journey back to El Vaquero...and so does my love for Deacon.

THE MOST UNSUITABLE COURTSHIP, Kincaids Series, by Caroline Clemmons

Storm Kincaid wants justice; Rena Dimitriev wants revenge.

When Storm's best friend and the man's wife are murdered, Storm secures a temporary appointment as a Federal Marshal so he can trail and capture the killers. He follows them to twenty-one-year old Rena's home, which is in flames when he arrives. She has survived by following her elderly husband's instructions while the men murdered him. Storm intends to take her to the nearest town where she will be safe.

Rena can identify the men who killed the person who had been her husband in name only and like a grandfather to her, and she vows to kill at least one of them. Whether or not Storm allows her to accompany him, she assures him she will go after the murderers. She is the only person alive who can identify the evil foursome whose policy has been to leave no witnesses. Storm agrees to take her with him. She'll be safer with him to protect her than she would be riding alone.

As a powerful and passionate love blossoms, they unite to rescue three orphaned children, fight the elements, and encounter the killers. Will their love be enough to protect them?

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