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Sunday, May 18, 2014


You know all the cool stuff you get at book signings? Authors give away business cards, bookmarks, key chains, rack cards, etc., to draw readers in to buy their books. We all love it, clamor for it, and yes covet it. I know always have.

Years ago, when I started collecting, authors gave away the standard bookmarks and cards that were copies of the front and back of their books. If one was lucky, the author would autograph the item. Through the years I collected a couple hundred. The picture to the right is a very small sampling of my stash. A few that I really liked I laminated and hung on the wall around my desk for inspiration.

Other examples of swag from years past are post cards, book plates, a paper fan with author info printed on it, and more bookmarks.


A writer friend once gave me a puzzle for my birthday with the latest cover model heart throb. I met him once at a Romantic Times Convention. I'm sure he fanned the flames of many fantasies.

Now, I've said all that to say this. I'm getting ready to have my first book signing next weekend for, Code of Honor, Texas Code Series, Book One.
YAY! But wait - I need swag. So I started a few months ago looking everywhere I could think of along with multiple suggestions from my friends. I have new business cards and, yes, bookmarks with my logo or brand.

There are magnets with the cover of the book I'll be signing and postcards with information about my Holiday short stories.

I've started placing items on the table that I'll probably use checking the placement and making sure there's room for the chocolate truffles and almond kisses.

Should so much time and effort be spent on these things? The only answer is yes. We put so much time and effort into writing our books for our readers and they deserve no less effort in our promotion and swag.

Well, that's my time in the hopper for this month. I hope it was a little interesting for you. If any of you happen to be in Arlington, Texas next weekend around the Kroger store on S. Cooper and Green Oaks Blvd, stop in and say hi. I'll have chocolate and swag.


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  1. Enjoy your signing! I bought lip balms this year. They go like hotcakes! I just hope some of the people who have them read the name on the side. :-)

    1. Thanks, Liz, for the well wishes. I never thought of lip balm, great idea! It's hard to come up with something the reader will use often enough to see your name and/or titles. Kudos!

  2. Wow! Who knew that soooo much goes into promoting your books! Wouldn't it be nice if you could just write and forget it? I, for one, enjoy your books! Keep up the good work! Because, as a reader, I want more!

    1. Karren, you just made my day! Thank you. Yes, I'd love to have an assistant to do all the extemporaneous stuff, but all my free help (family) isn't all that interested. The slackers! Lol Good to see you!

  3. Looking forward to your booksigning Saturday.

    1. I'm so happy you'll be there with me for a while, Caroline. All tips and pointers welcome. ;-)

  4. Carra, good luck with your book signing. Wish I could be there. Last year when we moved, I finally culled my 10-year collection of author swag. It was so much fun looking through my stash and seeing how the authors I know have changed in the last decade. I gave just about all of my collection away to readers' groups.

    1. Thanks, Joan, for the well wishes. I'll report later in a follow up. ;-)


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