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Friday, June 28, 2013


 By Caroline Clemmons

Do you wonder why authors write particular books? Years ago an editor said she would like to see a heroine from the past come forward in a time travel. I had enjoyed the time travels Maureen Child wrote as Kathleen Kane, so I thought I’d give paranormal a try. By the time I finished it, the editor had moved to another line, but OUT OF THE BLUE found a happy home at The Wild Rose Press. Since then, I’ve recovered my rights and have self-published this time travel romantic mystery. I recently changed the cover, but not all online sources have the new artwork. I think the heroine on the latest cover looks a bit like the singer Crystal Gale. What do you think?
Cover by Ramona

Because Ireland is a favorite travel destination, an Irish heroine popped into my head. I wanted a nurturing heroine, so Deirdre Dougherty is an herbal healer and a clairvoyant in 1845. Her mother died a week ago, and now a local bully has turned many of Deirdre’s neighbors against her in their tiny, remote village. The bully, Eogan, blames Deirdre for the failure of the potato crop and incites others to label her a witch. She has been planning to leave and has her haversack packed, but she is spotted before she can escape. Her only escape is the sea, so she leaps while praying for deliverance--and plops down OUT OF THE BLUE into a Texas lake over 165 years later.

My concept of Deirdre from iStock Photos
Who would be least likely to believe in clairvoyance and time travel? I decided a Texas police detective would scoff at Deirdre. Perfect. I wanted to force Brendan Hunter to grasp there are more things in heaven and on earth than man can understand. Why not lead him a traumatic chase? He is already on medical leave while he recovers from wounds he received from a drive-by that killed his partner and best friend. He certainly doesn’t need a crazy woman claiming to be from the past. Or, does he?

Brendan Hunter, Police Detective

Confidentially, just between us, my favorite character is Brendan’s mom, Blossom Hunter. She was a late hippie who lived in a commune turned cooperative farm in California. The farm is where she met Brendan’s dad, a rebellious rich kid who died too young while robbing a convenience store. Now Blossom owns a health food store, which makes her sort of a modern version of Deirdre, and is bubbly and optimistic. The two women become good friends immediately. Of course, Brendan thinks he has to protect his mom from this psycho who plopped OUT OF THE BLUE beside his bass boat and says she is a time traveler.

Blossom Hunter with her beau 
Together, Deirdre and Brendan discover who tried to kill him, who killed his partner, and who framed Brendan for the theft and murder. Two of my favorite places are Ireland and Texas. Combining them in OUT OF THE BLUE made me happy. I hope my effort makes you happy, too.

Here’s an excerpt from OUT OF THE BLUE after Deirdre is almost kidnapped by two killers. 

          What could a few ladies do against these two frightening men? She’d have to save herself, so she screamed again.
          The blond caught up with her and grabbed her arm. “No use screaming, lady. You’re coming with us.” He dragged her toward the car.
          She kicked him and screamed again, clawing at him with her free hand. She drew blood along his arm and scratched his face.
          He jerked her and grabbed both her hands. “You’re gonna be sorry you made me mad. I have lots of ways to get even.” He told her what he planned as he yanked her toward the car’s back seat.
          Strong as an ox, the man held her in an iron grasp so her feet barely touched the ground. He heaved her toward the open door. Suspended above the ground, she braced a foot against the car’s body. With her other, she kicked him between the legs, just as Ma had taught her.
          He turned red and released her as he doubled over and dropped to his knees. Without him supporting her, she hit the pavement hard. Her back took the force of her fall and the air whooshed from her. She couldn’t stand but she rolled away.
          The driver pointed a gun at her. “Get in or you die right here, right now.”
          What had Brendan said about this situation when they watched television? Never get in the car with anyone. But how could she resist without him shooting her? She recalled the blonde’s threats. If she had to die, she’d rather it be here quickly than at the hands of these two later. She made the sign of the cross and prepared herself for death.
          A horn honked and tires squealed. Brendan yelled. “Deirdre, I’m coming.”
          Blossom and Polly hurried toward her, each carrying a broom and wielding it as if they intended to beat on the blond man. Several associates came with them and lobbed jars of something at the car. In the heat, the jars exploded like small bombs. After one loud crack, red oozed along the spider-webbed glass windshield.
          “What the hell?” The scary man in black turned back toward the steering wheel. “Damn it, Rod, with or without her, get the hell in here.”
          She struggled to her knees then stood, backing away.
          Apparently unable to straighten, the guy she’d kicked hoisted himself back into the car. He yelled, “I’ll get you for this, bitch. When I do, you’re gonna beg me to kill you before I’m through.”
          The black car took off with a squeal from smoking tires, dripping red salsa and leaving glass shards in its wake. The driver had his head stuck halfway out the side window, his front windshield obviously too damaged and dirty for the wipers to clear. Aromas from the salsa’s spicy contents filled the air—cilantro, tomatoes, chili peppers.
Deirdre fell in love with those scents. 

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  1. I love this book, Caroline. Thanks for sharing your process of how this book came to be written.

  2. Nice excerpt and cover

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  3. What a fun way to come up with a story and the excerpt was exhilarating.

  4. I haven't read this one yet, but it sure sounds good! Then again, I adore all your books. :)

  5. Caroline, I love this story. And it's so different. Thanks for sharing it's history. :)


  6. Actually I often have wondered and then my imagination runs away with itself. But my problem is I can't focus enuf to get anything down on paper (or in Word)! And besides I love to read it from you guys.

    Wow!!! I can't wait to read "Out of The Blue". It sounds like so much fun.

    Thank you so much for sharing the background in how it was born and the characters backgrounds. It sure does whet the appetite. If I didn't have so many books to review right now I would snatch it up and read it this week.

    Ahhhhh patience.

    Great writing,


    I was hoping you had something for a win at the end of this Blog.

    Here is my email anyway for the end of June giveaway :D .


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