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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Make 'Em Laugh by Joan Reeves

Today is Father's Day so I'm sitting here thinking about my dad. He was a complicated man.

In his youth, with so many other young men, my father stormed the beaches of Normandy. Although he lived to tell the tale, he never told that particular tale. The war for the most part was a harrowing experience that changed him from a simple southern farm boy to an often-silent man haunted by his experiences.

One thing that survived his ordeal in World War II was his sense of humor. He loved to laugh, and he loved a good joke. In my memory, I can hear his wholehearted laughter and see the way his blue eyes sparkled.

Sense of Humor: Learned Behavior

I often think my sense of humor came from Daddy because I too love to laugh. Often, when life is grim and challenging, my family makes jokes. Not because we don't understand the seriousness of a situation, but because we know that laughter binds us close together and gives us strength to face the bad news head on.

In today's world, laughter as a prescription for mental health is touted from medical doctors as well as psychotherapists -- not to mention all the "experts" on just about every television talk show.

Hysterically Funny Films

My mother contributed to my sense of humor by introducing me to the screwball comedies of Hollywood's Golden Era. My love of romantic comedy was fostered by old movies from Mom's teens like Bringing Up Baby and It Happened One Night to the movies she loved when she was a mom with young children like Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back.

Is it any wonder that I write romantic comedy? I slipped into the genre as easily as a comedian slips on a banana pile. I love writing books that make readers smile. Even the love scenes I write are often laced with laughter.

Remember Donald O'Connor singing Make 'Em Laugh in the 1952 film Singing in the Rain? That song written by Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed is a veritable font of wisdom. No joke!

The song asks: "Don't you know everyone wants to laugh?" I believe that's true. I bet you like to laugh. What tickles your funny bone?

This Father's Day, I urge you to share a laugh with your dad, your husband, and the other important men in your life.

When you have time to read, I hope you'll take a look at my latest romantic comedy, SCENTS and SENSUALITY. It's sassy and sexy, and I think it will leave you with a smile.


Perfumer Amanda Whitfield knows the Science of Smell. Harrison Kincaid knows the Science of Computers. But what about the Science of Sex Appeal? Pulsing, throbbing, will-not-be-denied Sex Appeal.

Amanda, desperate for a man to escort her to her snooty cousin's wedding, and Harrison, desperate to put an end to his mom's matchmaking, get blindsided by desire when they are thrown together.

Desire -- with a side order of desperation -- creates a captivating complication in this sexy, sassy Romance. (Previously print published.)

About Joan's writing, an Amazon Reviewer said: "Joan's writing is a page turner, the steam builds then explodes..."

Watch the video SCENTS and SENSUALITY, a blurb in movie style.

Reminder: Prizes

Make a comment on this post and be entered in a drawing to win a bottle of the perfume that is mentioned prominently in my novel SCENTS and SENSUALITY, available at Amazon as well as other ebook sellers.

Just leave your email addy with your comment to be included in the drawing which will take place when I return to my office on June 21. I'm presently dealing with 3 loved ones who have had surgeries. They are recovering and doing well, and we're smiling our way through while we look for the silver linings in those gray clouds.

(Joan Reeves is a bestselling ebook author of contemporary romance. Her books are available as audio and ebook editions with print editions coming soon. Visit Joan's Website and SlingWords, her blog. Follow her on Twitter: @JoanReeves.)


  1. Joan, your sense of humor is one thing I loved about SCENTS AND SENSUALITY. Of course I loved the plot and characters. Unless I'm reading for research, I read for pleasure. I look for books that leave me feeling great, and yours do. Keep them coming!

  2. Good morning, Caroline! Thanks so much. Loved your review of Scents and Sensuality. Yes, humor figures in all the fiction I write.

    I'm currently working on Cinderella Blue, Book 2 of San Antone Two-Step -- or I would be if life would just settle down a bit! *LOL*

  3. I thought I should tell everyone that I'll be in a cyber dead zone for the next several days. (Yes, they really do exist in rural areas where I'm headed.)

    If you comment, don't think I'm ignoring you if I don't reply in a timely fashion. I'll definitely get back to you when I return to the wired universe.

    Talk to y'all later!

    Best wishes -- Joan

  4. Great post, Joan. I love comedy too. My family leaves the room when American's Funniest comes on TV. They get too tickled at my laughter. Another thing, my friends get so mad at me because I laugh when anyone falls, except a little old lady or gentleman. That's not funny. But in everyday life, please don't fall in front of me.:)


    1. Hello, Geri! I'll have to stay away from you since I've been known to trip over my own shadow! Thanks for reading.

  5. Nice post.

    I follow via email

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. Hey, and welcome to SMART GIRLS READ ROMANCE. You seem to follow me to all my various blogging spots. Thanks for showing up here too. :)

  6. I, too, love those old romantic comedies. I especially liked the ones with Doris Day and Rock Hudson. Cary Grant was in a few too. I still watch them if I stumble across them on TV and have the time. You don't see that kind of comedy much anymore. I'm going to give Scents and Sensuality a read.

    Anna Jeffrey

    1. Ah, where is the Cary Grant of today? The world needs a handsome, debonair man with a keen wit. Hope you like Scents and Sensuality.

  7. My husband has a wonderful sense of humor and that was what first attracted me to him. I think all healthy relationships need to be able to laugh at and with one another. Great post!

    1. Hi, Paty. Thanks so much. I totally agree with you that the ability to laugh at and with a partner makes for a healthy reltationship.

  8. What a wonderful tribute to your father. Mine is also witty and loves humor. Mark Twain is among our ancestors. Your story sounds fabulous too.

    1. Hi, Beth! Wow! Mark Twain as an ancestor is amazing. Got any good family stories involving your droll ancestor?

  9. Congratulations, Beth Trissel! You win the perfume gift. I'll be emailing you privately with details.

    Best wishes,
    Joan Reeves


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