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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Gardening, Pizza, and #MakeNFVisible by @JacquieRogers


This is going to be a short one because I've been busy as the proverbial one-armed wallpaper hanger since the weather warmed up.  I should say "we" because I'm not doing even 25% of the work this year but I've been doing a lot of cooking (more on that later) and supervising.  I'm banned from shoveling these days, which is not a good thing because shoveling is one of the best therapies there is.

I have 16 4'x4' raised beds, so 8 Big Boy and 8 Early Girl tomatoes (I bought starts late so didn't have a lot of choice), some sweet red peppers, poblano peppers, potatoes (this is Idaho, after all), asparagus, Walla Walla Sweet onions, another kind of onions that I'm too tired to remember right now, and more...

Spaghetti squash, with a basil plant lurking in the back.

Pole beans.  Someone needs to weed these.

What's left of an 18" pizza after my crew (two 16-year-old boys) got done with it.

May was Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month so my daughter Mercedes Christesen, Mr R, and I went to the watch party for the national fundraiser.  Mercedes was featured at the beginning of the show--she's considered an "influencer" because she has over 75,000 followers on TikTok, which makes me nearly faint every time I think about it.  

But that's not all, she was also featured on a Snapchat show called Unwritten Beauty.  Be sure to watch it!  ☺ It was a fantastic interview and Mercedes gave a beautiful and heartfelt presentation.  I'm a very proud mama.

Also, it was her birthday.

Tresa Hiatt, me, & birthday girl Mercedes Christesen
Not a flattering photo--wine may have been involved.

What's happening the rest of the month?  More planting, lots of weeding, and then we get our grandson for the first two weeks of July.  We're so excited!  He's 17 and quite a cook, and he told me that I could sit back and relax while he cooks.  I'm not sure the relaxing will last through washing the dishes, though. Hahaha!

Stay safe, and until next month, Happy Reading. 📚😍

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