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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Just a Few Pet Peeves by Bea Tifton


Ah, pet peeves. Most definitions I found for the phrase said it was an annoyance or something nurtured like a pet that you cannot resist complaining about. But my favorite was from dictionary .com. A pet peeve is defined as “A particular and often continual annoyance, personal bugbear.” First of all, “bugbear” is my new favorite word. Secondly, sounds like it’s a pretty common problem. Most people have them. Some days everything makes me peevish, but that’s a blog post for another day. Now, if you do any of these things, Dear Readers, please don’t be offended. It’s not that I think anyone is doing something wrong, I just can’t fail to notice certain phrases and shudder.

The first one is "Toodles". When I hear someone say it, my teeth hurt. What on earth would possess a grown person to say goodbye in this way?

Another one is shortening words when the person is speaking because the speaker thinks they sound, I don’t know. Something. Words like "breakky" for breakfast, "vacay" for vacation, "bday" for birthday. I know someone who does that constantly and I have to admit it grates on my nerves.

A grown person talking to another grown person using baby talk, words like "potty" or "mommy" or "tummy". Once again, not hurting anyone. Just makes me groan inwardly.

Saying, “You go, girl.” Let’s retire that one. I’m all for Girl Power, but it’s a bit tired.

What is it about some things that just send us over the edge? What bothers one person doesn’t even faze another.  I don’t want to become the trite peevish old lady yelling, “You kids get off my lawn.” Still, I just can’t help myself.

Do you have any pet peeves?

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Pavel Danilyuk "A Woman With a Disgusted Facial Expression"
SHVETS Production "A Woman in a Denim Top Having a Phone Call While Waving"
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Tina Miroshnichenko "Close-Up Photo of a Senior Woman Looking Angry"


  1. I have them, and some of them are the same as yours. Baby talk, the whole brekky thing. Stereotyping drives me crazy. The use of the term "when I was your age..." Even SAYing it means you don't remember it! Lol. A fun post.

  2. I have some you missed: "each and every," that's redundant. cringe when I hear someone say "Oh, my God," unless it's in a prayer. I agree baby talk and the "brekky" type speech is annoying. "Bring it on" makes my teeth hurt.

    1. It's so funny. Like you, I don't like "Bring it on," but "Bring it..." said through clenched teeth...yeah, I like that. :-)

  3. I'm laughing at "each and every" one of these. (Sorry, Caroline) The most cringe (yes, "cringe" is now an adjective and a noun as well as a verb, but that's not my rant today) misused word is "perfect." Receptionist at the dentist office asking my date of birth and when I tell her, she says, "Perfect." Well of course it's perfect--I was born that day. Then there's my perfect SSN, my perfect address, my perfect lunch order. Perfect everything. It occurs to me that anyone under the age of 50 might not even know the actual definition of "perfect." Lots of times the appropriate response would be "thank you." Now, don't I sound snobby. Hahaha. Just perfect.


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