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Thursday, March 2, 2023


 By Caroline Clemmons

Mary Poppins insisted one should never explain, but I’m going to anyway. I’m late because I’ve been having some eyesight issues. Better this afternoon, so here I am. Mother Nature is playing ping pong with our weather: spring, winter, spring, winter…. Our poor plants are so confused. The television weather forecaster keeps cautioning people that there will be an “Easter cold snap.”

Sunny, warm weather creates an urge to rush to the landscape nursery and buy flats of bedding plants. Listening to the weather forecaster restrains us. We’re eager for our yard to be as near glorious as we can make it. Hero has already made himself stiff and sore digging and planting rose bushes. No bedding plants, though, as cautioned.

Pink roses are my favorite, 
but we also have red and yellow.

Beth Trissel is my example of a wonderful gardener. She has such beautiful flowers, and shares them with us occasionally. I took her herb class and have her book she and her daughter published. I love it. In addition, she uses heirloom seeds. I am praying that Beth recovers her ability to garden and write this spring!

After "the Easter cold snap" Hero plans to plant butterfly bushes to attract bees and butterflies. We are looking forward to seeing flocks of butterflies and hearing the buzzing of bees this summer. 

At our house, we love old fashioned, drought resistant plants. Our plants contain several types of cacti. We intend to plan more red yucca in the cactus garden. We’re making lists of the other plants we love. To have them all, we’ll need a much bigger yard. J

Do you like to garden?


  1. I have a black thumb and a wide lazy streak, so I don't grow many flowers, but I truly love looking at the ones others grow. And I'm jealous of Beth--everything from her gardens is extraordinary!

  2. I'm hoping Spring comes early to Pennsylvania. I love to tinker with flowers and plants in the many beds around our house. And our patio always has at least four to five hanging ferns which need constant watering, but bring green joy to relaxing on warm days.

  3. I am an every other year gardener- That seems to be about all I can handle. this is my year though-


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