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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Ranch Life for the Ranch Wife

 When I was young we lived in the city, my father broke his back and took medical retirement and we moved to the rocky mountains. I loved it. My siblings, not so much. All I dreamed of was marrying a cowboy and living on a ranch. No, it has not always been an easy life, but it has been a grand one. Of course, some jobs are better than others. Calving season is long and hard and amazing. I love feeding the cows on a crisp morning and listening to the calves bawling. 

But I also love fixing fence with the hubby and salting the cows with the grandchildren.

Then there is farming and bailing. Long hours on a tractor are hard on the back, that is why old cowboys walk that way.

Maintaining the ranch and equipment is not fun but it is a must-do.

Roping and wrangling. The part everyone loves to join in on.

Gathering cows off the mountain and out from under the feed wagon. We have no idea what she was thinking! Cows are so stupid.

We also gather wood and food. One is great fun the other not so much.

What I love most about being a ranch wife now, is I get to share this life with my grandchildren. 

It makes me sad when I hear young moms say they don't have the time, money, or energy to do stuff with their kids. Remember to a child digging worms in the backyard with you is an adventure. Stopping at a creek and jumping in the water for a child is as good as Wild Waters if mom jumped in too. Tieing a sled to your bike and dragging them through the snow is a ticket to a Ski Resort as far as they are concerned because you were there. A pile of raked leaves becomes the ball pit at Mcdonald's. Please don't miss out on your children's childhood. They are memories you will look back on and cherish. Don't say go outside and play, say let's go outside and play.

I put much of my life in my books. Give them a look.


  1. Great pictures. I was raised on a farm, so your post brought back childhood memories. Thanks. And Happy Thanksgiving!


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