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Sunday, September 4, 2022

Books, Harvest, & the Fair by @JacquieRogers

  August--So Busy!

I Really Do Love Summer

Have no doubt about it, I love summer.  Sure, I could do without the 100°+ heat for days and days, but thank goodness for air conditioning.  ♥ 

August is the time of year for rodeos and of course, since I write westerns, it's obvious that I love this sport and can't wait for our local rodeo.  Here's the yearly cycle, we go to our hometown rodeo, then we wait 364 days to go to the next rodeo. LOL.  Actually, we used to go all four nights including slack time (when, for a variety of reasons, the entrants can't compete during the actual rodeo).  These days it's a trial just to get there for one show.

And of course the Owyhee County Fair is going on a the same time.  This year, the power went out so most of the animals were back home by Saturday, the day we went, so that was a disappointment for us.  We did get to see the rabbits and goats, though.

This well-loved goat belongs to a 4-H kid (pardon the pun).

The tomatoes are about to run us out of house and home.  There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to process them all.  I've already given a bunch of them away, but we still have a ton of tomatoes on the vines in various stages of ripening.

So far, my daughter (Hurricane Mercedes) and I have made chili mix, pizza sauce, Indian butter chicken mix, and dehydrated some, too.  I'll be dehydrating more (and other veggies) because dried veggies are ideal for taking with us in the RV--lightweight, compact, and easy to stow.  Home-dried veggies taste great in stews and soups.  Thanks to Hero for giving us an awesome dehydrator!

Tomato powder

My grapes aren't doing so well this year and I really hope they aren't dead, but it doesn't look promising.  The extension agent told us we have a severe infestation of Virginia creeper leafhoppers.  We sprayed yesterday (we prefer not to spray but had to concede to chemicals in this case) and most of the bugs are dead, but Mr R is going to spray again tonight just to make sure.  Then we have a whole bunch of hefty work to do to remove the larvae incubation area and I don't even want to think about it right now.

Grapes of Wrath

What have I been reading lately?  Well, nothing for fun but Pioneer Theater in the Boise Basin: 1863-1899 is the latest research book for me.  The author, Charles E. Lauterbach, Ph.D., writes a scholarly book jampacked with information, and in an entertaining style that keeps me engaged.  Highly recommended!  And now Honey Beaulieu is bound to take advantage of this information. ☺

And finally, we did spend several days at Mr R's high school class reunion.  He graduated from Nampa High School, class of 1967.  Yes, he's MUCH older than I am. Hahaha.

NHS Class of '67 in front of the Idaho Hotel
in Silver City, Idaho

Speaking of Silver City, my next readers' event will be on July 15, 2023--not sure if it will be in Homedale again, or in Silver City.  I'll keep you posted.

Until next month, Happy Reading!

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You can get videos of Honey Beaulieu and Sassy's latest updates there.  And goofy videos of her scribe.  Heck, we even do a few cooking videos.


  1. Late summer early fall is always extremely busy time for us.. I have to tell you... Pizza sauce made with freshly picked tomatoes onions and herbs is absolutely worth the work.

  2. Your tomatoes look gorgeous. You have been busy. Hope those nasty bugs are eliminated. The nerve of them attacking your grapes. Mr. R. WILL have the last word.

    1. The bugs seem to be gone--for now. I guess we need to change his handle to Gen. R. because...well...warfare.

  3. I think you've been busy! Carolyn's right--the tomatoes look gorgeous. They've been good around here, too. Can the grapes come back from that infestation? I hope so.

    1. We picked two more buckets of tomatoes today and half a bucket of tomatillos, so I see salsa verde in my future as well as more dehydrated tomatoes. Those are so delicious!

  4. Love this time of year in Idaho. So much to do. so little time.


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