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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Summer Bounty by @JacquieRogers

Summer Bounty
Plus remodeling and books.
August was a busy month and September promises to be even busier!  That's how it goes when you live in a rural area and have such wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables.  After years of living in the city, I just can't get enough of all the vine-ripened peaches and such.  I apparently forgot what good food tastes like.

This month, my daughter and I canned a bunch of peaches, plus we froze peach nectar which we'll make into peach butter.  Yum.  We also canned 22 pints of stewed tomatoes.  I'm tellin' you, they're delicious.  I'll be picking the rest of the tomatoes tomorrow. (Um, today.)

Stewed tomatoes ready for the pressure canner.
I must be obsessed with food this month because Mr R and I found a new favorite place to eat--Alejandra's in Marsing, Idaho.  If you're ever in the area, this is a great place for Mexican food.  Mr R had a chili relleno and I had chili verde.  Nom nom!

You can't go wrong eating at Alejandra's!
Between all that, we're getting the master bathroom remodeled.  We now have a new shower--the best we've ever had--that'll serve us well into our old age.  It's an awesome shower.  Also a new toilet and a new sink that's huge with a kitchen faucet.  I love it.  Bathroom sinks should be useful for something other than rinsing your toothbrush.  And cultured marble countertop.  It's flat-out gorgeous.  I'd post pictures but it seems a little tacky. LOL.

Speaking of books... Were we speaking of books?  Well, folks like us think about books all the time so we probably were.  Anyhow, every once in a while we need a new dress, and books are the same.  I'm thinking about changing the cover on Have Wand - Will Travel.  So what do you think?

Old cover <------------------------------> New cover
I really like the new cover but I'm a bit reticent because the hero dresses in all black.  On the other hand, I think it's an awesome cover so I'll be forgiven.  The cover designer for the new one is Steven Novak.

Be sure to read my latest duet with the fabulous Caroline Clemmons, Orphan Train Brides.  This one is about two women who were orphans and adopted from the orphan train by an abusive couple.  Caroline wrote Merry's book, A Family for Merry, and I wrote her sister Polly's book, A Family for Polly.  See how they planned to save five orphans who'd surely have been put in dire situations, and in the process the sisters find true love.  Oh wait, that was a spoiler.  Oh wait, they're romances, so of course there's a Happily Ever After.

Orphan Train Brides is available now in

Check out Caroline's post for more info on this duet and also the other duets that we've written together.  And guess what?  One more is in the works.  

Happy reading!  I hope you enjoy reading Merry's and Polly's stories.  They both have fun adventures that you won't want to miss.  Also, please consider posting a review--you'll have our undying gratitude! 

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  1. I used some of the stewed tomatoes we canned and made the absolute best Indian butter chicken I've ever had.
    I like the new cover for have one will travel I think it's more mysterious.

    1. I used some of them to make tomato/basil soup. OMG good! I think we should can some more--except my get up and go got up and went.

  2. I love the new cover and yes you are forgiven :-)
    Just wanted to pop in and say Hi Jacquie!

    1. Thanks so much, Jo Ann! I did love the cover and mulled what to do with it for days--finally decided I better just leave well enough alone.

  3. Jacquie, you and Caroline are a dynamic duo of western romance. Congratulations on Orphan Train Brides. It's sure to be a hit.

    1. Thanks, Joan. I was Caroline's fangirl long before we ever met, so it's an honor to write with her. Always makes me up my game.

  4. Your energy is amazing, Jacquie. All that yummy food you've canned to enjoy all winter. The Orphan Train duets I'll have to order soon....years ago I heard about the orphan train and found it heartbreaking thinking of all those children separated from even distant relatives. I love HEAs, hence that's what I like to read and write. Congratulations with your wonderful stories, JJ.

    1. Thanks, EE! Yes, Caroline and I both are fascinated with the orphan trains. She even knew someone who came to Texas on one, so that's pretty amazing. And yes, we're looking forward to good quality food all year around. I think I had forgotten what really good food even was.

  5. All that food sounds amazing! So do the books! @samanthabwriter from
    Balancing Act

    1. I have a feeling that once I get to writing on a schedule again, some of that good food will go to the wayside. But for now, we're enjoying it. Best of luck with your own writing!

  6. Canned peaches? Oh, how delicious, especially in winter. Where do you find the energy to do all that and still write? "The Orphan Train Brides" is going on my to-read list. Best of luck with promotion. Cover is also beautiful.

    1. Yes, with no added sugar. Yay! We've also made apricot butter and cherry jelly. Wanted to make pickles but that just didn't seem to happen this year.

      Steven Novak did the cover for Orphan Train Brides. I also had him do the new cover for Have Wand - Will Travel. He does good work and I'm thinking of having him do my faery series, also.


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