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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

June: When Everything Grows by @JacquieRogers #writing #plotting #gardening

June: When Everything Grows!
Writing, Horny Toad Racing, Gardening
I started off this month exactly the way a writer always dreams about--my longtime critique partner, Ann Charles stayed here for nearly a week and we worked long and hard.  First, we plotted Crack Shot in Whiskey Gap (Honey Beaulieu - Man Hunter #4), and then we plotted the series arc and the third book in Ann's AC Silly Circus series.

We've been critique partners for 22 years.  Seems incredible, but it's true.  By now, we're pretty in tune with what the other can pull off (or not), and we're not averse to pushing each other into uncharted territory.  This time, Ann was hellbent to get me off top dead center after the move from Seattle to Idaho and a few other things have laid me low.  She's a force to be reckoned with, believe me!

As for the yard, we're going to have lots of produce this year, I hope.  We haven't sprayed (don't want to) so my guess everything will be wormy, but we'll see.  Looks good now.

Grapes, Cherries, and Blackberries
Honey Beaulieu went to the Owyhee Outpost Days in Murphy, Idaho.  And guess who she met there?  Yep, Clyde the Camel.

Mr R wasn't so sure he wanted to cozy up to that camel,
but Honey was fearless since she
had already ridden a camel with Diane in Dubai.
And she didn't even have to feed him a bread and butter pickle.
1: Honey in the caboose
2: Honey with a cool old car
3: Honey is skeptical of the fast draw
Well, I guess I better stop gallivanting around with Honey and quit digging in the dirt for a while, because it's time to start writing.  Else, Ann will come back and bop me on the head.  And she wouldn't even leave a bottle of wine.

Happy reading!  I hope you enjoy Cole, Daisy, and all the others in the Hearts of Owyhee books.

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