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Monday, June 24, 2019

June Has Busted Out All Over ~ by Judy Ann Davis

Sadly, the month of June is almost over.

It’s considered one of the favorite months brides choose for their weddings. Ironically, June 24, 1944, was my parent’s anniversary, and the day always brings nostalgic thoughts of them and what it might have been like to be married during World War II.

June is also my birthday month, and for me, it ushers in the beginning of summer and warmer, sun-drenched days ahead with fluffy clouds scudding along on the breeze in a baby blue sky.

The grass in the Central Pennsylvania farm fields is lush and taller than knee-high this year, thanks to our endless rains, and is ready for mowing. Once cut, the drying hay will fill the air with a sweet scent that mingles with the fragrances of many different emerging blossoms along the roadsides.

My favorite flowers is the rose which is also the flower of June. Although I was married in August, I chose white roses for my bridal bouquet.

Over the years, I’ve tried to grow them in my flowerbeds. I’ve tried climbing, bush, miniature, tea, hybrid, knock-out—and the list goes on and on. What our friendly deer don’t eat, the remainder dies from the cold, freezing winters here in the mountains.

I have only a clump of old-fashioned rag roses left, which I dug out from around the foundation of an old house on our family farm in Northeastern Pennsylvania. This hardy variety from the 1800s seems to be able to hold its own, despite the rabbits munching down the stalks under the snows.

If you have a favorite month of the year, please share it. If you have a favorite summer flower, I’d love to know what it might be. Have a wonderful summer ahead, and let's hope we won't have to duck between the raindrops the entire season!

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  1. Judy Ann, I enjoyed your post. I love roses, too. but also, the sweet scent of honeysuckles can't be beat. Or the scent of the fragrant flowers adorning the locust trees in late April. Mmmm...

  2. Oh, I agree. Honeysuckle is such an sweet, enticing scent. Clover blooming in a hay field is also superb. I think that's why I might enjoy spring, summer and fall more than winter--the fragrance of all the flowers and plants!

  3. Roses are my favorite flower, especially in pink I love honeysuckle but it becomes aggressive here in North Central Texas so Hero doesn't want me to plant any. My favorite time of year is spring although I enjoy fall and winter. I can't take the heat of summer.

  4. I really enjoyed your post. Old roses are so nostalgic. I have a huge one that badly needs pruning. Honeysuckle is the most wonderful smell.


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