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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Making it Happen - One Way or Another

I wrote a post a few days ago about part of what it's like for me to write a sex scene for a book - READ IT HERE

Rarely do two people want the same thing at the same time both from the other person and what they're willing to do for others. Both characters in a sex scene are at different points in their development both emotionally and in their physical needs. 

In the earlier post I talked about a scene in a contemporary romance with heat where the two characters decide to act out one of their past fantasies in a car...  

And I'm continuing on the topic here.. 

What goes into writing a sex scene... for me? I'm saying it that way, because I'm not everyone.. and I don't think this is the 'only' way... it's just the way that I approach things... 

Like those 'hot' sex scenes on tv and in movies... by the time you see them 'crash' together.. they've choreographed and practiced.. no one wants noses crashing together... or a slip here or there... 

So... I'm going to talk about the first time for Cage and Maggie from my Paranormal Romance - "The Fighter" (If you'd like to read it... it's the end of Chapter Eight and into Chapter Nine and the book is on Kindle Unlimited so if you're a subscriber it won't cost you anything to read it)

Cage is a shapeshifter with a rather talkative Jaguar as his other side... and he spent years in the military as a part of a whole group of shapeshifter soldiers. His commanding officer was a Human and when Cage left the military he settled near his old 'boss.' 

Maggie is the daughter of Cage's commanding officer and she's been in love with Cage since she was a teenager. Raised by a single dad who spent the majority of his time in nameless places where he couldn't reach out to his daughter nor could she reach out to him... Maggie got into a lot of trouble ending up with her having to right her life in rehabilitation and treatment. Now an adult she's called in to help Cage with his foster daughter. (her father was one of Cage's closest friends) She finds that her pull toward Cage is stronger than it's ever been.

And Cage? Well... his jaguar is straight up with him. Maggie is their mate. 

So their first time? Well there's going to be issues... Maggie doesn't understand what Mate means... not in her heart. The definition? Sure... but trust that things won't fall apart the minute it feels/seems good? Nope. Her mom left their family, her dad was hardly there... she's not sure she had 'everything' to give... even to Cage. 

So their first time together starts with some playing in the shower, lots of touching... comments... and things build up... and get to the bedroom... touchdown! Right?


Do they want each other? YES... is Maggie ready? Nope... not really. 

I know, I know.. WHAT???? 

Here.. I'll get you read that part... (sorry some of the formatting is crazy)

          She reached for him and he lifted her into his arms, holding her against his chest as he stepped out of the bathroom and into her bedroom. He didn’t care if the covers were on. It wouldn’t matter to him. The only thing that’s going to be on top of Maggie was him.
Get to it.            
He shoved his jaguar away as if he’d pushed his palm into the beast’s face. Wait your turn.            
She lay still on the bed, her eyes fixed on him, her breaths coming in pants from her lips. 
“Breathe slower, sweets. You’re going to hyperventilate.”            
Maggie reached out her hand and he crawled onto the bed at her feet. He flattened his palms on the inside of her ankles and smoothed them up toward her knees.
He watched, and her skin broke out in goose-flesh and his mouth started to water.
Goose is juicy. 
Shut up, cat.           But then he was following his hands with his mouth, tasting her flesh with the flat of his tongue. She quivered with each stroke, tensed and tightened with each sweep. 
           “Cage…” He heard the plea in her voice. Felt the need clenching her fists into the sheets. “Oh, Cage.” She moaned as fingers reached the tops of her thighs, spreading her legs wide open on her bed. 
           The scent drove him wild. She wanted him. Needed him from the inside out, and damn if he wasn’t ready to make her scream. She glistened like dew. He leaned forward for a drink and placed an open-mouthed kiss against her folds. 
           Like a trap, her thighs started to close, but he held them open and this time swept his tongue in and savored a taste of her slick heat. 
           She sobbed, and his eyes looked over the soft curve of her belly, between her luscious breasts, and saw the pained twist of her features. 
          “Maggie?” When she didn’t immediately respond, he braced an elbow under him and lifted to meet her eyes. “What is it?”          
“I want this so much,” he saw the open need in her eyes, but he also felt her words sinking into his heart, “but I’m not sure I understand about everything…”          
He saw the hesitation in her face. Felt the tremor of worry through her body. “You’re my mate. How I didn’t know it before...”          
His cat took a swipe at him and he didn’t argue. He’d been a fool. 
“But you know it now,” she crooked her finger and he gladly crawled up closer until he sat between her open legs, “and even though I’m dying for you, I’m not sure about this… being forever. If my mom and dad are anything to go by, I’d be crap at making you happy.”          
He’d never known her mother, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to track the woman down and give her hell for hurting her daughter. “All I need is to take care of you, make sure you’re safe, happy. That’s all I want.”

So, here we have two people in different places. Emotionally... Cage doesn't just want her. He NEEDS her... but that's not just sexual. He needs her in his life. And his need to protect her means that if she's not ready for him, for what he represents, then he's going to wait. He's going to give her what she wants... time and his physical love.

At this point in the writing of this scene.. is where I stop... know that I know what they both need and want out of it... I can pick a position...

Wow, that sounds clinical... but it kind of is... what? I need them to get what they want out of this physical connection between them... Maggie's unsure... of herself... of him... she needs to put herself in his hands and trust...

And he needs to prove to her that he can take care of her.. not just her body but her heart and soul. But he also (for himself) needs something from it as well... he wants to worship her and see everything he's hoped for... his mate feeling pleasure because of what he's giving her.

So I did a search online (and again, yes, you can find sooo much on the web... sometimes almost too much) for position sex man on knees... and there were a TON... what I picked was the woman laid out before him with her partner lifting her onto his thighs, her legs open around his hips... She can reach out and hold his wrists or forearms... have that connection to him..

She can see him entering her... filling her... and also see his eyes, his expression.

He can have some of what he wants... watching himself claim her... lean over and touch her, and when she's about to find release... he can ask her to look at him.. give him her open gaze so he can see her in all of her glory.

Make sense? Questions? Go for it... ask! Just know that the blushing teen that picked up my first romance book at Waldens would have died for admitting reading the book.. now I write them and talk about writing sex...

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  1. What a great excerpt, Reina! That scene made me want to go find Hero. :) It's true that you can find everything online. Boggles the mind.


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