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Thursday, August 2, 2018


Can you believe it’s August? We've had an unusually hot summer here in North Central Texas so I’ve been hibernating under the fan in my air-conditioned pink cave and happily writing. The months are flying by way too fast. So many projects, so little time.

I’m in the midst of a special treat for me. In the past couple of years I was fortunate to have six books included in Debra Holland’s Montana Sky Series of Kindle Worlds, and these six comprise the Loving A Rancher series. Now that Amazon has deleted all Kindle Worlds from their inventory, Debra has returned the rights to me provided I remove all of her character and place names. She is gracious to do this because she could have kept them.

I’d like to tell readers a bit about writing in someone else’s world. The originating author sets all the parameters. She names as many characters, each person’s occupation, and each person’s physical and personality traits as she wishes. Those joining in the world must truthfully portray all the things the originator has labeled while contributing her characters and her plot line.

This doesn’t mean I had to use all of Debra’s characters in each book I wrote. Instead it means that if I mentioned one of Debra’s characters, I had to depict the character precisely as she did. In addition, the town layout had to be related as she had indicated on the map provided in her Montana Sky Series Facebook group.

Since I had read Debra Holland’s books, I believed I knew her characters. Still, I had to go back and make lists to be certain I was faithful to her creation. This makes writing in someone else’s world more time consuming, but Kindle Worlds were good to me and for me. Each of us has to try something new occasionally to stretch our mental muscles. Plus, being associated with Debra Holland was a great honor.

All the same, I can’t tell you how excited I am to have the rights to these books returned to me! The locales are now Cottonwood Springs and Randall Crossing, both still in Montana. My characters remain the same. These six books are all available for pre-order now (not so gentle hint!). Each will also be available in Kindle Unlimited.

I’m happy to announce that the first of these is being re-published on Friday, August 3, AMANDA’S RANCHER, Please pardon the lack of modesty but this is one of my favorite of the books I’ve written in the past few years. This was an Amazon experiment and is longer than the usual Kindle World book. It involves stolen identity, mystery, murder, adventure, and romance. 

On August 17, THE RANCHER AND THE SHEPHERDESS will be re-published, This is about a young Irish widow who comes west to marry a rancher. He expects someone used to the hard life of ranching. She thought she qualified because she’d helped her Da raise sheep on their tiny holding in Ireland. Imagine her surprise when she sees the vastness of Montana ranches.

On August 30, MURDOCH’S BRIDE releases, This was the most popular of the books I wrote for this world. I enjoyed writing it, as I have all of my books. This one involves people being snowed in for a couple of weeks. They are in a large house, but is any house large enough to peacefully accommodate three men (one of whom dislikes women), the housekeeper, three stranded women (one of whom is a complainer), and at times the ranch hands?

On September 13, BRIDE’S ADVENTURE releases, Amelia sets off on an adventure to Oregon that sends her back to Cottonwood Springs. Sometime next year, I’ll be doing two spin-off books set in Texas because so many readers requested books about Amelia’s brother and his best friend.

On September 27, SNARE HIS HEART, will be released, This is my version of the Beauty and the Beast. The hero was badly scarred trying unsuccessfully to rescue his wife from the fire in which she died. The heroine arrives prepared to love him and his children.

On October 13, CAPTURE HER HEART, will release, How does a woman who’s been mistreated by every man in her life learn to trust? Read this to learn how.

I have a giant favor to ask. If do read or have read these, would you please leave a review? When Amazon removed the Kindle World version, they also removed all the reviews. Each worthwhile place to advertise books requires a set number of good reviews before they'll accept the ad. So, without reviews, I can't get ads. Without ads, I can't sell enough to get reviews. It's a vicious cycle. But that's another story. If you are one of the readers who leaves reviews, bless you!

See you next month. Stay safe and cool.


  1. Congrats, Caroline! I'm glad you got to keep your stories. Best of luck with the relaunch (I enjoyed Bride's Adventure and just snagged book 1)

  2. It's exciting to get the books back and reissued all on your own! Best of luck with these and future stories. I'm reading your Texas Time Travel series and it's excellent, also. Keep it up!

  3. That's great news, Caroline! Having them all come out in such a short space of time will be fantastic.


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