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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Seventy is the NEW fifty by Vonnie Davis

Only a woman who's about to turn 70 would make such a statement. Right? So, guess who hits the big seven-oh tomorrow? That would be me, but it'll be a young 70, you understand. Or so I tell myself as I look at the wrinkles and crepy skin in the mirror. Or the white hair peeking through the auburn--I'm due for another dye job obviously.

It's the candles on the cake that worry me. By the time someone is trying to light candle number 69 and 70, candles 1 and 2 will have melted into the icing. My smart-alecky son told me not to worry; he'd bring over the flame thrower and blast them all at once. I still haven't figured out how I allowed him to live until ages 45.

My Calvin used to tease me that I lied about my age for so long, I had no clue how old I was. This will be my first birthday without him. It's been a long five-weeks since his passing. Most of which I don't remember. I've found grief can put you into a strange fog.

Take handbags for example.

How was that for a change in topic? Stay with me now.

During the past month, I've ordered 3 handbags online. I must have. They showed up at my door every few days and as I opened each box, I've wondered at my sanity. Why would I order a gray purse for summer? Or a hand-painted bag when I already have 2 on the shelf of my closet. One painted with roses and the other with butterflies. This new one is turquoise with water lilies. And I scratch my head every time I look at it. But, ladies, the silver and black snakeskin handbag is the one that completely baffles me. What in God's name was I thinking? I don't even like snakes, what would make me think I'd like to carry one made of their skin? It is distinctive, though.

I refuse to blame it on old age. After all, 70 is the new 50. Watch me as I show you. Once I find all of me again. Next month I'll talk more about my books and what I'm working on. I plan to be back to writing in earnest by then. Right now, my creativity is all dried up. My muse is heart-broken. And my mojo has jo-joed right on out of here. I'll get it back, though. Women only get better with age. More determined. More feisty.

Every one, have a great Memorial Day weekend. If you're traveling, be safe.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Dawn. Since it's after midnight I'll just snag that birthday wish. Hugs.

  2. Oh my Vonnie. I feel so deeply for you. And I understand about the weirdnesses of grief. Also the dried up muse. I hope you find some comfort in your birthday with loving friends and family. Give yourself time. ((Hugs)) Love and prayers for you.

    1. The loss of a loved one, especially one you spent all your time with creates such a vacuum in both your heart and your mind. Thanks for the kind words, Beth.

  3. Dear Vonnie, you are an amazing person. I imagine you will be as feisty and productive at 90 as most people are at half that age. I admire you so much and hope you soon find peace of heart and your muses return to inspire you.

    1. Thanks, Caroline. I've made some travel plans for the end of July and the beginning of August to give me something to look forward to and focus on.


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