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Wednesday, May 2, 2018


How wide is your support network? No matter your profession, each of us needs encouragement in his or her life. Even the strongest of us can use others cheering us onward in our life’s journey.

How wide is your support network?

Most authors are in a solitary profession. A few writers I know write on their laptop at a coffee house or in front of the television with family coming and going. The majority seclude themselves in an office (or dining room or bedroom—wherever they write) for hours and hours of solitude. I’m the latter and write in a tiny, tiny office we call my “pink cave”. Spending so much time alone makes having encouragement all the more important.

This would be me if the
background was pink and
the cat was black and white

My most faithful cheerleaders are my family. Hero has been supportive through all sorts of my crazy schemes, but especially my writing. Among many other things, he formats and publishes my books. Both our daughters assist me in various ways as well. We're our own small publishing conglomerate. More importantly, my family members give me confidence to continue. Hero also does the cooking and cleaning so I can spend more time writing—something I appreciate every day!

Fans are a great source of cheer. A good review or an email saying a reader enjoyed my book is a huge boost to my morale. Even a poor review can be helpful if the criticism is constructive. Several fans repeatedly send emails or messages to let me know they want me to continue writing and many leave good reviews. Thank you!

Laughing with friends--who knew
it was like medicine for body and soul?

Friends—both online and face-to-face—are so valuable. For instance, my book club is made up of women I consider the cream of the crop. We’ve forgotten how long we’ve been together, but at least fifteen years. We started with twelve members but attrition has us down to six regular members now and one who comes when she can. We meet at a restaurant for a late lunch. These women make me laugh each time we meet. You probably know that the endorphins released when we meet with friends and laugh elevates our mood for up to three days.

Book Divas book club--Mina Bruner, La Dana Morris,
Karen Roades, Linda Box, me, Edwina Steele, and
minus one important member, Karren Lucas
Occasionally I’m able to lunch with one or several author friends. We laugh and commiserate and get those endorphins flowing. Who better understands the problems of being an author like another author?  

Carra Copelin (blog member), Bea Tifton,
me, and Jacquie Rogers (blog member)
sharing lunch while tired Sassy rests on table. If

Jacquie and I look tired, we are. During her visit
neither of us had much sleep. 
Whatever your life entails, I hope you have a strong support network. If not, I urge you to establish one, either online or face-to-face. There are so many opportunities--church, civic groups, book clubs, charities, and more. You’ll enable yourself to accomplish more and you’ll enrich your life.

My business life right now is writing a time travel romance trilogy in which a woman from the past comes forward to now. The first, TEXAS LIGHTNING,,  was released March 17 and has a heroine who comes from 1896. TEXAS RAINBOW,,  was released April 18 and that heroine comes from 1921. TEXAS STORM will be released on May 25 and has a heroine from 1943. These time travels have been a lot of fun to write but they've meant a lot of research for each. The last one is kicking me in the patootie, but I think I like it best of the three. Then it’s back to traditional romances and a full schedule for the rest of the year. To keep up with releases, contests, and giveaways, sign up for my newsletter here.


  1. How wonderful that your family is involved in your writing. My husband is my first beta reader and editor, but for female camaraderie, I have some special friends and a card and book group. Best of luck with your time travel romance series.

  2. How lucky am I to be included--the ultimate fangirl dream. Whew!

    I've found that as my writing has grown and improved, my support circle has shifted a bit, some aren't as involved and new people have joined the fun, but I can still count on them all. I feel lucky and blessed.

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