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Friday, May 18, 2018

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Happy Spring!
I wanted to share with you something I've recently acquired for my writing. A portable, adjustable aluminum laptop desk/stand/table. I like to move around to different areas of the house when I write, sort of to keep things interesting, I guess. This portable desk helps me do just that. Oh, and I love my pink/purple laptop, too. We call her Pinky.

Here's a blurb and cover for the current book I'm writing a new Western Historical Romance called ADA AND THE TEXAS CAVALRYMAN, Brides of the Texas Code Series, Book 5 and will release mid-July in a ten author anthology, Under a Mulberry Moon.. It is set in 1900, in Brady City, Texas, in the Hill Country a few months before the 1900 Hurricane hit Galveston.


Donal 'Mac' McTiernan is on what he hopes to be his last mission for the U.S. Army. He's tracked the deserters to Brady City, Texas where he decides to operate under cover until he's ready to make his move and arrest the two men. Mac had planned to go home to Dallas and live out his life. He hadn't planned on encountering the green-eyed, red-headed woman who would completely turn his life upside down.

Ada Weathered has only two weeks to pay the mortgage on her land left to her by her father. She is working at the school and cafe to earn the money but won't make enough by the deadline. Will the handsome stranger, fresh off the trail, be the answer to her prayers?

See you next month!
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