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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

P is for Planning.. not Pumpkin

So here it is … 109 days before Christmas. I’m playing Christmas music via headphones

.  ... as if I am some Christmas junkie hiding my secret in shame.
It’s for work... yeah! That’s it! My WIP will be released Fall 2018... and when I think I fall I automatically jump to Christmas.

School is back in session
Football has kicked off

And most importantly… it’s Pumpkin Season.
Maybe it’s something about the scent and celebration of the arrival of pumpkin that brings on the festive move. These are the fastest few months of the year.
I’ve got my ear out for my monster-boys and the things they want for Christmas .. I’m making a list and placed things on alert when the go on sale.

I have my recipes printed out for the meals I want to try and experiment on the family for football games. It’s Florida... This is football country.

 I have my address list ready for Christmas cards.
I have this planned. The holiday season is when I feel I’m the most productive.

So here I am with all these lists and order for everything in my life besides the one P I need to work on.

When it comes to promotion, hey! I can re-tweet, share, or post your stuff. But when it comes to my work… I suck at it. I just want to write. If I’m promoting and submitting stuff… I’m not writing. Have you ever seen the Eddie Murphy/Steve Martin movie, BOWFINGER? There’s a scene in there that reminds me about having to promote and get the word out. Here’s my favorite scene. 

I am nowhere near the point where I can have someone do work for me. My kids—with all their savvy techno stuff have 0 interest in helping me... but that's cool...
I only shuttle to football games, cross country, track, swimming now, soccer, and now soccer-coach. Let's not even talk about the Jordans, the Abercrombie & Fitch.. the other trendy clothes they want. I am not bitter.. I don't hold a grudge. I can’t really travel to promote because of you know.. the 5-kids obligation… and I think I might be the only person in my city who writes romance. BUT ANYWAY.....I won't freak out about this.. I'm sure there's a pill for it..

So I have to rely on planning out a day or one morning to make sure I do my promoting. I can do this…right?
How do you other writers work in promoting yourselves? My eyes and ears are always open for suggestions.

Well.. I have to prepare for Hurricane Irma. I hope everyone stays safe. 

Happy Reading! Happy Writing 

You can find me and buy my work here 

Have a great month!



  1. Carolyn, I so hear you on all you're saying. I just want to write not promote, but if I don't promote who will buy my writing? Promotion is a necessary evil. Fortunately, my kids are older and do help and I no longer have to be Mom's Taxi. By the way, "Bowfinger" is one of my favorite movies. Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy are both so good in that movie! And I loved that the illegal Mexicans are soon carrying cell phones and wearing fancy watches--as if they'd been in Hollywood forever. :) When I saw it, my daughter and I had been to see "Sixth Sense" first. I'm not usually spooked by scary movies, but that one set me on edge and my husband was out of town and I had to go to our home in a rural area alone. So, I told my daughter I had to see something funny first, so we turned around and bought tickets to "Bowfinger". Worked for me and is still a favorite movie. Stay safe!


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