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Thursday, June 8, 2017

When You Release a Book into the Wild

     There's that moment. That horrible, terrible, gut clenching moment... when you hit SUBMIT and send your baby out into the world. Err... when you send you book out into the world. What's so horrible about this moment?
     Because you love that book. You've nurtured it from a spark of an idea. You've given it a body and form, you've walked it through doubts and long nights. You've painstakingly selected words and just as carefully cleaved words from it as well.
     You've had dreams and nightmares and worried... Will it have my big teeth?
     But there comes that moment when you hit SUBMIT and send your baby out into the world and hope that all the time you've spent with it, all the heart you've put into it, has made a difference.

     I love romance books.

     Some of those tough moments of my life can be identified by the books that sat with me in my room and kept me laughing or crying with someone else, a distraction from my world. And even some of my best moments can be linked back to books. Discovery and dreams. Books open doors. Books transport you to other places. And Romance books... well they do it with LOVE.
     There's nothing better than that, is there?

     I'm about to send out the ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) for a Paranormal Bear Shifter Romance. And all of those feelings are rolling around inside of me. It's the first time that I'm publishing a Paranormal Romance so I have even more of a twist in my gut. The best part of all of these nerves is that I really love my hero and heroine. I've enjoyed hanging out with them and learning who they are and I've struggled right along with them and wagged a finger at them when they've made things difficult between them.
     When I send them out into the world I hope that the readers will love them just as much, even when they're being 'problem children' and not listening to my sage advice. And I hope the reader will enjoy their journey to that HEA just as much as I did.

1 out of every 3 readers that comment will win an ARC of "Her UnBearable Protector"
-prizes will be sent to the readers kindle app/kindle -

So tell me...
Are you a Paranormal/Shifter fan?
What do you like most about that sub-genre?

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  1. Congratulations on the new release, Reina. Hope it flies off the cyber shelves.


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