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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I'm a manatee wearing rose colored glasses!

Urban dictionary
Seeing the world or past events as only pleasant and happy.
You're looking at the past with rose colored glasses


So by mentioning this.. let me share my rose colored glasses moment.. well the recent ones.
I received an email from my publisher stating they wanted me to submit an author pic. Now.. to be honest, I’ve known about this author pic for quite some time and I’ve tried to submit different selfies
where I look great! I mean really great. I am the queen of cropping.
 So here I am in my hot dress, thinking I will use my groupon-coupon and get a high-resolution professional head-shot. The problem with a head-shots that the photographers also crop your photos. BUT there’s something about when seen on someone else’s camera…that the rose colored glasses are not just off but thrown, lost, cracked, and broken.
 When I looked at the photos.. all I saw was a manatee in a yellow dress. 
A manatee is my spirit animal. 

Yeah.. there's been some weight gain...
But hey! I did a lot for the month of May. Let me reach into my jar of excuses ...............

I went to the RT Convention in Atlanta. Met a BUNCH of people. 


I turned in a proposal for a Winter/Fall 2018 book

Took a weekend to return edits for a manuscript---only to turn around and have a few more.

Awards night(s), 8th grade graduation, end of year field trips, school council meetings...oh and work.

School’s out… 5 boys at home of course equals missing food, high electric bills and a bunch of broken things followed with a collective “It wasn’t me” and of course camps. Sure, the camps are at least $125 a week per kid... But so totally worth mortgaging my house over just to have a peaceful mind.  I kid! I kid! No mortgaging... but there was a spell lol 

Good news though… there are 9 weeks, 5 days and roughly 10 hours before the kids go back 8/14. But who’s counting..?

There’s the genealogy addiction. I discovered… and OMG. I’ve got an addiction.. I can admit it.   

Oh… let’s not forget my July 1st deadline looming. I’m ½ way through that book. 

And don’t get me started on my #1 distraction… BOOKS! 

Farrah Rochon's Book.. click here

Playing Dirty by Taryn Leigh Taylor Taryn Leigh Taylor's book... click here

Songbird.. click here

My recommendation list is so much longer but please check out

I mention these fabulous ladies because some of you may have heard about Harlequin dropping several of their lines, ours included. Funny… every article floating around says the same thing… “Harlequin closing five lines…, including Kimani.”
The “including Kimani” is the tough part. It’s that sympathetic head-to-the-side people do before they ask how you’re doing. Kinda like when Monica met Richard on Friends 

I “didn’t talk about it” on my blog…I don't Want to Talk About It -Blog
But feel free to check it out.

When I submitted my first manuscript I just knew I'd get a "the call" and be flown out to Hollywood and have my book be made into a blockbuster movie. I realize my dreams were viewed through rose colored glasses. I have experienced the hard word and dedication it takes to be a writer so these set backs aren't going to hold me back.

I know I can handle this because well.. I am part Wonder Woman too lol 

Well.. I’ve got to get back to my manuscript.
Take care.. enjoy your ½ half of summer. 

And don’t forget… The Beauty and the CEO is available now...give it a try... leave a review! 

See ya in a month!



  1. Love a manatee!! And profile pics/author pics... I can't stand them... it's not really me in that pic... it doen't feel real! Love all of your images :D

  2. Carolyn, I so identify with having a photo made! If only I looked to the camera the way I feel inside--but no, I look like an elephant. Or a manatee. I like manatees. When we lived in Florida and took our the boat, we had to be very careful not to injure them with our boat. Our daughters were able to pet a manatee several times. Sweet things, manatees, but I don't want to look like one!

    1. I am still having nightmares! But as for the manatees, there's a place here called Wakulla Springs and folks go on this nature boat ride. Well one time I took my son and he was mad because everyone crowded on one side of the boat to look at the gators on land. Well.. to our left..a manatee poked its head out of the water right there in front of us. It was so cool. I should have known then that they were my spirit animals. lol

  3. Carolyn, I was so shocked to hear about Harlequin ending so many popular lines. It's scary, but I know your readers will find you. Happy Half Summer to you too.


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