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Saturday, April 2, 2016


I’ve been writing a book in my western historical romance Bride Brigade Series called CASSANDRA, book 3. In the back of book 2, I put a short intro of what authors call a “teaser” to introduce Cassandra so now I have to publish her book next. In the meantime, the heroine of book 4, OPHELIA, keeps banging on the inside of my skull and shouting “Write me! Write me!”

Ophelia’s such a sweet woman, I’m surprised she’s being so bold and persistent. On the other hand, Cassandra is a bit of a gold digger determined to marry a wealthy man. Of course I've had to soften her character to make that desire understandable. I think I’ve done so. We’ll find out later this month when I release Cassandra's book.

You’ve probably noticed that writers are not like normal people. We hear these voices in our heads just like the mentally insane. Fortunately, our voices don’t tell us to kill anyone—except in a book. You can understand why we don’t seek help for our condition. We need the voices to write our stories.

I have dozens and dozens of characters clamoring to be written into stories. I must admit this makes me happy in one way and frustrated in another. Although I know I won’t run out of ideas, I wish I could write faster and faster to get all these books written. I’m not a spring chicken—more like an oldish hen. How can I live long enough to write the dozens of books I’ve planned? 

My two best friends and I were dining out one day this week. We agreed that writing makes us happy. Of course we like to sell books and earn royalties, but the writing is what we love. Sitting in my little pink cave pounding away on the keyboard brings me joy.

Of course this is how we look. Why do you ask?
I have a comfy desk chair, a lovely computer station and desk and bookcases for my reference books and the books of friends. Since this is a small room, I have a narrow aisle between the desks and the bookcases. This is fine, since I’m sitting at the computer, not doing the tango or acrobatics. (I can tango but I could never do acrobatics!)

Picture the background in solid pink with
three cats roaming in and out and across the
the keyboard or lying on my hands
Don’t think I don’t enjoy being with my family. Hero is truly a wonderful, wonderful man and I love him more than I can express. Our daughters are amazing women of whom we’re proud and with whom we enjoy spending time. Especially these three people make me happy. There are many other relatives and friends with whom I like to visit.

Writing, though, is… my happy place. What in your life makes you happiest?

Caroline Clemmons is an award winning and Amazon bestselling author who lives in North Central Texas with her husband and their menagerie of rescued pets. Sign up for her newsletter here to receive a free book. Her latest release is GRANT ME THE MOON in the 8-author anthology of all new contemporary western romance novels, COME LOVE A COWBOY. Get your copy at


  1. I can relate to those pesky characters. Walking the dog, I'm thinking about Felix, one of my WIP character's pets. In the grocery store, I'm imagining what another character might put in her shopping cart. With the fictitious people in our heads, we're never alone!
    I'm looking forward to reading your series. Best of luck with finishing Cassandra's story and silencing Ophelia for a while.

  2. Right now, what would make me happy is to never have to do taxes again. Of course, during the drudgery several more ideas have come to me. Isn't that the way of it? LOL.

  3. I know what you mean about those pesky people in a writer's head who just won't shut up so you can concentrate on the work at hand. So frustrating but persevere. You have fans waiting. *g*


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