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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

In the mood…. To write

What’s the saying... April Showers brings May flowers?

For me... I am hoping April Showers will bring more stories. There’s something inspiring about having a cool rain in the morning as I peck away at the laptop.
Of course owning my own home I do sometimes fret over the amount of rain saturating that oak tree hovering over my roof.
But when I’m not fretting.. I’m writing. And I’m going to need a lot of rainy mornings (preferably over the weekends when I don’t have to drive anywhere –and please let it stop by 10-ish so that the kids can play outside mmmkay?)
Some times I’ve forced the weather. How so? Yes, I will youtube nature sounds
or find the station on the music channels on TV.
I’ve got a 5-part series with no home right now (at this current moment I am still waiting to hear back from a submission call
so keep your fingers crossed... PRETTY PLEASE).

I’ll still finish writing the series I have 1 done and 4 more to go.

BUT I also pitched some stories for my Once Upon a Tiara series.

I’ve got to get that pesky synopsis ready for two of them. Wish me luck.

So what do you do to get in the mood? Music? Candles? Coffee?

 What's in your playlist? Fast? Slow? No lyrics? Are you a nighttime writer with a little wine? What about coffee?

I love to write to scents. In the winter, I love something that smells like Christmas.... I have a "poolside" candle if my story takes place in the summer or spring. Do you find that weird? 

Well, what ever you write.. whatever you do... Best of luck to ya! Until next month......

 The Magic of Mistletoe


  1. Odd for someone who lives in a mostly dry and hot area, but I love rainy days and snowy days. Of course, they also make me want to curl up with a Kindle or book and read. I have to give myself a mental slap to get to work.

  2. It doesn't matter what the weather is like, I write. I do like to listen to music. Especially when I'm writing Native American or books set in other countries. The music I use is Native American or the music of that country.It helps me "feel" like I'm with that culture while I write. Good luck getting your work done!

  3. Weather doesn't usually matter to me unless it's storming like the end of the world is at hand. I do like to listen to music when writing, but what usually compels me to write is a character that won't leave me alone until I get her/him on "paper."


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