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Monday, March 24, 2014


By Brenda Daniels

That was a question posed on a morning talk show last week. Maybe because the UN declared March 20th International Day of Happiness. Or, perhaps, it's the never ending Despicable Me II  song, Happy being played on TV and the radio. Yeah, the stupid song got to me, too. I've been known to dance around the room when I hear it.  Only the dogs are witness to these spasms.

Writing makes me happy. My family and friends makes me happy. Kittens and puppies turn me into a puddle. These are standard answers to the question. Heck, dogs are probably the easiest animals on the planet to please. Forget cats, they choose to be happy on their own terms.

Have you ever watched a toddler? Give a child a plain, cardboard box and let them use their imagination. Simple happiness in a simple object.

One of the PBS reality shows really hit home when a few modern families were packed off to farms and asked to live in the 1800's. The kids were spoiled and sullen. Mom wasn't thrilled with the lack of modern conveniences. Dad was just kind of lost. When it was over and they returned to their real lives, the children were bored, Mom missed the closeness of evenings with the family and dad got back to the business of  making money. The bottom line is, you don't need much to make you happy.

So, go out and hug your family and friends. Play with your pets. Write, paint, sing, or dance. Whatever makes you happy.


  1. Loved your blog! The simpler life is, the happier we are! I especially appreciated your comment to be creative and do what makes you happy. I think in today's world we often forget that simple principle. Thank you for reminding ud!

  2. All the things you mentioned make me happy, Brenda. Another thing that makes me happy is being around you. You are always fun and kind. Thanks for being my friend!

  3. What makes me happy? The same things you mentioned. Writing and knowing I can make a living doing that is immensely satisfying. So is seeing my writer friends succeed. Sometimes when I get the blues, I make a list of all the things that make me happy and a list of all the reasons I'm blessed. That always picks me up or shames me into abandoning the blues. *g*


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