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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Hockey, Romance, and Werewolves by Laura Hunsaker

 A few years ago, a friend of mine had a fun book idea, but it wasn't her normal genre, it was more in my wheelhouse. She proposed that we write it together. I had just had a baby and my writing mojo was gone. There was zero room in my brain for anything other than babies and keeping the other children alive. I mean, my brain was in mommy mode, not writer mode. And yet...the ideas started percolating.

Middle of the night feedings...story ideas. Kids were at school and baby was napping...plot bunnies bounced around in my mind. So I called her back, and we plotted. Neither of us really thought it would go anywhere, but we wanted it on paper anyway. It's a Scottish Time Travel and we named ourselves Kenzie MacLir. We got about halfway through a novel when another project fell into our laps. And it was nothing like what we were writing with the exception of the fact that it had paranormal elements.

But this was hockey, how paranormal could we get? Oh reader, this series is amazing. The New York Empires hockey team has some pretty interesting players on it. There are werewolves, psychics, ice gods, and so many other fun magical hockey players. But it's very "paranormal lite" as in the world is our world, the magic and "para" part of the paranormal aren't overpowering. I really feel like if you love Paranormal Romance, you'll love this, and if you don't love Paranormal Romance, that this series is not super intense with the PNR world-building so you can still enjoy it, even if PNR isn't your jam.

With all of that being said, the Stanley Cup has been won, not by my team (Go Knights!), and sadly not by the New York Empires...yet. So if you're already having hockey withdrawal after a couple of days without hockey, might I suggest a Hockey Romance? And if you've never read a Hockey Romance, I'd highly recommend the New York Empires series. Each book is an anthology. It has 3 stories, and each can be read alone, or binged as a fun novella series. Trust me, even if you aren't a hockey fan, this series is just really fun. My Laura Hunsaker books tend to be a bit more serious and even a bit darker. The New York Empires is where I get to have fun.

We are all hard at work writing something new and exciting, and based off of something that one of our hockey teams did this year. It's gonna be great! In the meantime, here are the current New York Empires books:


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