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Monday, June 17, 2024

10 Reasons to Love June by Joan Reeves

Purple hibiscus gone wild in my back yard.
Good morning! Yesterday was my monthly blog date, but I was so busy this past weekend with Father's Day hoopla that I simply forgot.

So today is my better late than never post.

We left home at sunrise to drive to our country house. (Yes, I actually managed to get up before the crack of dawn—not an easy feat for me since I've grown accustomed to sleeping in.)

Since I was able to get myself up and out the door by 6:20, I may try to make that the norm. I could certainly get more done that way.

We left early in order to beat the thunderstorms forecast for today. The landscape of rolling hills, grassy meadows, longhorns, and ancient oaks always is a delight. As we rolled along, I thought of how June is the final gateway before we move into the furnace of summer. I love this month, and here's why.


1.  The summer wildflowers covering the roadsides, climbing up the hills and down into the valleys of the highways.

2. June has the longest daylight hours in this part of the world, and that means there are more waking hours to accomplish more. I seem to have llived the last few years in a constant state of "running behind" so I'm always trying to get more done.

3. June is beach weather at its best. It's gloriously warm, but not scalding hot like July. Head to the beach, camp out under the stars, be lazy in the sunshine without burning up.

4. The smell of coconut-scented sunscreen. Wow. Does that bring back memories of the days when I thought nothing of wearing a bikini on the beach. I miss those days—mostly I miss my bikini body. *LOL*

5. Making ice cream out on the porch with the hand-cranked ice cream freezer. The lazy afternoons of sitting outside and taking turns with the hand-crank ice cream freezer. That will give you defined arms!

6. Lying on a patio lounger and seeing "images" in the marshmallow-puffy clouds.

7. Sitting on the front patio here and watching the sunset—complete technicolor. No mosquitoes here in the country.

8. The Watermelon Festival in Luling, Texas. 

9. Floating the river at Seguin, Texas, where the Guadalupe and Comal Rivers converge. Beautiful, cool and peaceful.

10. Reading outdoors. There's just something so satisfying about lying on a lounger, sitting in a porch swing, or sprawling in a hammock while reading. The weather is generally mild so all you need is a comfy place outside and a good book.


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