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Monday, February 5, 2024

Sweet Art~Sherri Easley

was never bored growing up. Between my mother teaching me how to make cornhusk dolls or my dad carving little chairs out of wood, there was always something happening at my house. I learned how to sew when I was six and crochet when I was 7. Living in the country with not much else to do; my siblings and I learned to entertain ourselves.

Today, my brother is a woodcarver and makes little Santa's and people that my sister-in-law paints and my sister is an artist, in watercolor and oils. Of course, I have my embroidery and sewing business, along with writing.

It should be of no surprise to anyone that our children carry on that artistic gene as well.

This is a photo blog about my incredible niece, Susan, from Kanga’s cookies in McKinney, Texas.

She has been baking and decorating cookies for less than two years. She is self-taught and has also learned to design and print her own unique cookie cutters.

With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, enjoy this sweet treat. 





  1. What talent! Nice post. I have discovered that many writers have other hobbies and talents. I'm a woodworker, and love to sew and do decorative painting. Isn't it funny how the talent/gene evolves in families? My mother was very artistic, and now my youngest son is also addicted to many forms of art.

    1. I believe it evolves in families too- I would love to see some of your crafts- So cool that your son is addicted to art. It is my therapy <3

  2. I do embroidery. Complaining of boredom in our house inevitably resulted in being given chores we didn't like to do.


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