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Friday, December 2, 2022


By Caroline Clemmons

The holiday season is officially here! 

I confess to being a Christmas enthusiast. Yes, I know the reason for the season. That fact does not keep me from thinking of gifts I can give and decorations I can use. I’ve been a Christmas nut fan as long as I can remember.

Although when I was a small child, the thoughts of what Santa would bring filled my mind. Since then, I’ve been consumed with the excitement of what I could give, display, and see. Darling Daughter 2 and I enjoy adopting an angel or two from an angel tree. Choosing gifts for others is fun.

She and I love to drive through neighborhoods with a lot of lights and other displays. One neighborhood nearby has a contest, and almost every home in the large neighborhood has elaborate decorations. A couple of policemen keep traffic flowing. There’s a special lane for residents to use so they don’t get stuck in traffic with looky-lous like us. We go every year to admire the Christmas and Hanukkah displays. This year, Hero has decided to go with us and see what the attraction is.

At home, we’ve our own outdoor display—a big deal for us, but modest in comparison to that mentioned above. This year, Darling Daughter 2 bought me a nutcracker to go on the front porch. I’ve wanted one for years, but never got around to purchasing one. This one is perfect in size, and is brightly colored. Of course I love it. We also have a couple of lighted deer forms, an angel, and candy canes for the front lawn. A large door wreath and garland completes or decorations.

One year (when we lived in a different town), our wreath was stolen. What a surprise that was. Hopefully, our current neighborhood won’t be bothered by such things. So far, we’ve not had a problem from petty theft. Our next-door neighbor doesn’t decorate, but is excited that we are.

Are you decorating for the season?



  1. We don't decorate outside anymore, but I still love Christmas so much! Have a wonderful season, Caroline!

  2. We're working up to it. I'd take a picture but it's too cold to go outside. Mr R is more brave than I am about cold weather. LOL.

  3. Christmas has been hard since I lost my son last year. I know time will heal that- but somehow, I just don't have the energy to celebrate. Also, the addition of new pets in the house is not conducive to much decorating nor is the fact that all my decor is in the attic. I will do better next year.


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