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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Bravo, April Bravo!

                                                        by Judy Ann Davis

If the current rains in Central Pennsylvania are any indication, we should have masses of blooms in our flowerbeds like the old catchphrase,  April showers bring May flowers, tells us. I hope the month doesn’t disappoint. This is one of my favorites because it’s the bridge from winter into spring. It’s a fickle month with temperatures from freezing at night into the seventies during the day.

On those balmy days, April allows us to wander outside in search of plants with green buds struggling to peek at the sun and blue skies. If we’re lucky, we maybe will see some blooms. Daffodils are pushing up among the dried leaves, and crocus is bursting into shades of yellow, violet, and white. Weeds and dandelions are vying for space as well. Landscape centers lure us in with their many bushes and plants.

This is also the time I love to sit outside in the sunshine with a cup of coffee listening to the birds and hoping to hear the geese honking their way northward. Cardinals, song sparrows, chickadees, and other feathered friends are returning to the feeders to eat or flit through the naked branches in search of the ideal place to build a nest.

Earth day was April 22nd and Arbor Day is April 29th this year. Both days remind us to respect our land and its resources. There are many ways to protect the planet. Plant a tree. Pick up trash. Build or set out a birdhouse for our feather friends. Use less plastic. Go easy on the paper towels.  Don’t waste water.

The list goes on and on.

Will Rogers reminds us of how important our planet and our lands are. “Buy land. They aren’t making any more of the stuff,” he said. (I think the current real estate market confirms this.)

Yes, April is the month when the earth wakes up and the land comes alive in the northern regions.

Bravo, April. Bravo!

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  1. I love flowers! If the April wind doesn't stop blowing soon, I'm afraid all of Indiana is going to blow away.

    1. Hi, Liz. We had a temperature of 81 today, and it's scheduled to drop to the 40s in two days. Our poor spring flowers are confused.


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