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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

AITA: I Don't Know My Neighbor's Name

I asked this question on Twitter earlier this month, and I was fascinated by the responses, so I have to bring it up here.

Quick Info: Reddit has a group or subreddit called Am I The A**hole? It's a place where you can ask a bunch of impartial internet strangers if you are indeed the jerk in the situation.

I Am I the jerk in this situation? I know most of my neighbors by their dog. “Oh that’s Oreo’s mom. Or, there goes Alfredo and his humans! Here comes Zeus and his dad!” I don’t know my neighbors’ names, but I definitely know their pets' names.

So today I saw a neighbor (Buddy’s mom), who I see all the time, and we were chatting about our dogs. As we left she asked if I we could exchange numbers to meet up for coffee and she’s nice so yeah, my dogs don’t care about hers on our walks so sure. Yay a new friend, right? I ask her name. You guys. She was so offended I didn’t know it! But I know her dogs! Please tell me I’m not alone here!

And just for fun, tell me this isn't true! LOL 

And if you're interested in dogs being a big part of your Romance, my upcoming novel Dangerous Past heavily features the heroine's dogs. In fact, her meet cute is because of her dogs! Since it's not out yet, start here with book one in the Fatal Instincts series.

Some Secrets Won't Stay Quiet...

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But someone is following Kate...

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  1. I used to do competitive obedience with my dog. I trained Monday-Thursday with a core group of people and their dogs. We drove to the weekend dog shows Friday night and competed Saturday-Sunday. Of course, during training we had on grunge clothes. At the shows, everyone dressed up. I would look at a dog and go, "Who is that with Bailey?" I would look closer and realize it was his owner who had cleaned up. None of us knew each other's name. If we needed to catch someone's attention, we called their dog and the owner would look over to see who was calling their dog.

  2. We have lived in our house for 13 years and I don't know anyone in the neighborhood's name (we have nicknames for some of them). We did know one person's name but he passed away.

  3. My friend Sarah makes up names for her neighbors based on their dogs (The Beaglemans etc). And that cat meme really spoke to me as I sit here hanging out with my cat Gravy lmao


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