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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Tis the season


Just ahead of the Winter Solstice, we put some of my books on sale. I’d make them free; but if you have books widely available, you can’t do that. These are only on sale for Amazon eBooks.  “From Here to There” is not about Christmas, but it leads to the one that is, and that’s why it got added to the 99¢ sale. Sale will end the 31st.

 As we prepare to enter a new year, here’s hoping it’ll bring good things to you 

and the world.

 On the sale, first up is a non-Christmas one where a wedding abruptly ends with the bride telling the groom she made a mistake. It travels to Montana where bride and groom, with the help of Montana, ranch living, and an aging uncle learn new things about themselves and life. Part of the story involves a journal of an earlier romance—Hence the title, “From Here to There.” It is a full length book and there is some spice in it.

“A Montana Christmas”, a novella, picks up the couple a few years later when the wife tells her husband she wants to spend the holiday on the ranch and invite his estranged family. It has quite a section on the Winter Solstice as well as family.

“Diana’s Journey”, a novella, begins with middle-aged Diana and her dogs starting out for a new life after an unexpected divorce. With even her grandchildren grown, she feels no purpose in Chicago. She isn’t sure where she might. After some travel, she decides Bluff, Utah, is the right place to spend the holidays when she is not feeling at all festive.  Big things can be found in small places.

From Here to There --

 A Montana Christmas --

 Diana’s Journey --



  1. Your books sound interesting- I have often wondered why more authors don't write books about love in middle age and older. Have a great New Year!


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